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Best Books For Learning Apache Spark

In 2010 Apache open sourced a big data framework called Apache Spark. It’s one of their most popular frameworks to date and with the Apache community supporting its development I have a feeling it’ll be around for years […]

Best CakePHP Books To Learn & Master The Framework

The huge variety of PHP frameworks can be intimidating. I recently covered the best books for Laravel and in this post I’d like to share my favorite books for learning the CakePHP framework. This is a fairly older […]

Best Laravel Books From Beginner To Advanced PHP Development

Among all the open source PHP frameworks I’m willing admit that Laravel is easily my favorite. It hasn’t been around too long but it has changed the way many people write PHP for the better. Learning Laravel can […]

Best D3.js Books For Teaching Yourself Data Visualization with JavaScript

Browser visualization is incredibly popular and libraries like D3.js are making the process super easy. But how do you get started with such a vast JavaScript library? In this post I’ll outline my favorite books that cover D3.js […]

Best SQLite Books For Developers & Database Admins

Where do you start when studying a new database engine? There are so many choices, the most popular of which is MySQL but this isn’t always the best one to go with. I recently covered the top books […]

Top 10 Best Books For Learning Twitter’s Bootstrap Library

Bootstrap is a fast-growing frontend library and might be the most popular library of choice for web developers. There’s a gold rush for Bootstrap 4 and with this impending release more developers are diving into this free dev […]

Best Clojure Programming Books For Beginners

The meteoric rise of Clojure seems strange without context. It’s one of the best functional programming languages you can learn and it was only released in 2007. For such a young language it has gained steam quickly. The […]

Top 10 Swift Books For Learning iOS Development

Apple’s move from Objective-C to Swift has been cheered for it’s simplicity and native runtime environment. Xcode makes it easy to build software with Swift for any Apple device. In this post I’d like to focus on Swift […]

Book Review: Windows PowerShell in Action by Bruce Payette

The PowerShell console environment is growing larger by the year with a huge community of users, myself included. This is one beast of a platform and it’s something I use frequently in my development workflow. I’ve noticed that […]

Best 10 Unity Books For Learning Game Development

Video games have only been around for ~50 years and they’ve taken the world by storm. Most people grew up with games and many want to eventually work in game development. There are many big gaming engines but […]