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Book Review: Switching to Angular 2 by Minko Gechev

I’ve been rather surprised at how well the dev community has adapted to Angular 2. It hasn’t been an easy transition but I think ultimately it’s for the better. The toughest part is adapting to the new ecosystem […]

Book Review: Bootstrap By Example by Silvio Moreto

After working through the lessons I can say that Bootstrap By Example does exactly as the name suggests. This is definitely a beginner’s book and it’s targeted towards developers who are willing to experiment with the Bootstrap library […]

The Best Machine Learning Books To Go From Novice To Expert

There’s no single book that can help you fully master machine learning. It’s a complicated subject that spans many topics, purposes, and of course benefits in real-world applications. But this post should help novices and experts alike find […]

Book Review: Ember.js Cookbook by Erik Hanchett

Once you get beyond the Ember learning curve you’ll be left with endless possibilities. I love the Ember library because it’s one of the few frontend frameworks that has a tight-knit and lovable community. Moving into real Ember […]

Book Review: HTML5 in Action

After coding in XHTML for years I was thrilled with the HTML5 spec. This update was huge and it centralized web development with a clear group of elements, workflows, and best practices. The newer version of HTML5.1 is […]

Best React.js Books For Teaching Yourself From Scratch

Facebook created one of the most beloved frontend frameworks on the web. It seems like everyone and their grandma is picking up React and cherishing every minute of it. There are dozens of tutorials online but many of […]

Book Review: jQuery UI in Action by TJ VanToll

Mastering jQuery is a lengthy task. But delving into the related jQuery libraries can be even more intimidating. I love jQuery UI because it makes dynamic features easy to implement and style without much excess code. I’m constantly […]

Book Review: PowerShell in Depth 2nd Edition

If you’re beyond the basics with PowerShell then you may not be sure where to go next. Intro books are too light, but advanced PowerShell-specific books are quite rare. PowerShell in Depth targets intermediate-level and advanced users who […]

Book Review: Ember.js in Action by Joachim Haagen Skeie

For every web developer that falls in love with Ember there’s a struggling developer bashing their keyboard over Ember’s insane learning curve. And while it can be absurdly frustrating to get started with this open source framework, the […]

Book Review: Chef Essentials by John Ewart

IT professionals know all about the rise of cloud computing. Automation is becoming the norm and computer infrastructure isn’t relegated to one physical server anymore. But with so many configuration management tools to choose from it can be […]