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100+ Bakery Websites For Web Design Inspiration

The goal of a food website is to sell customers with beautiful photography while helping them find relevant information(hours, location, prices, etc). I’ve done food-based website galleries on coffee shops and general restaurants and in this gallery I […]

100+ Preschool & Kindergarten Websites For Design Inspiration

In previous education-based galleries I’ve covered high schools and colleges. Both have their own unique styles of design, and the same can be said for preschool and kindergarten websites. Young children probably aren’t browsing pre-K websites. Instead the […]

100+ Library Websites For Web Design Inspiration

Public libraries and college libraries have similar functions with similar website layouts. These design trends should be universal across every type of library website with the goal of a great user experience for potential visitors. In this gallery […]

100+ Interior Designer & Decorator Websites: Portfolio Inspiration Gallery

Interiors designers are basically architects without deep construction knowledge. They know how to make a room look pretty, how to handle lighting, plumbing, zoning laws, and how to structure a building’s environment whether residential or commercial. The best […]

100+ Casino Websites For Design Inspiration

Gambling can be fun if you know where to go. Finding local casinos is easy with tools like Google and Yelp. But most of their websites are just boring, hard to use, or a combination of both. This […]

200+ Best Cooking & Food Blogs: The Ultimate Collection For Ideas & Inspiration

Authority blogging has become the norm and it’s still gaining momentum with over 2 million posts published every day. The best way to stand out is by targeting a niche and doing it well. One popular niche is […]

100+ Museum & Art Gallery Websites For Design Inspiration

There’s nothing like visiting a beautiful art museum. The variety of art is both incredibly inspiring and highly educational for amateurs and professionals alike. But finding the right museum to suit your interests can be tough. Thankfully most […]

150+ Best Lifestyle Blogs For Creative Inspiration

After publishing my recent gallery of mommy blogs I wanted to offer something similar with authority lifestyle bloggers. These lifestyle blogs can include mommy blogs on parenting but also travel blogs, health blogs, marketing blogs, or any other […]

150+ Pizzeria & Pizza Parlor Websites For Design Inspiration

In a previous gallery I covered a bunch of restaurant websites for UI inspiration. This is nice but also vague considering all the different types of restaurants out there. Pizza parlors are one great example so I decided […]

10 Best Windows PowerShell Books

Windows PowerShell is one of the most prominent CLI environments. This is perhaps the default CLI for anyone on Windows and even though Win10 allows Bash I still think PowerShell will hold its ground for many years to […]