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100+ Veterinarian Website Designs For Inspiration

Animal doctors have a tough job just like our favorite human doctors. There are just as many specialties and there are many different types of animals with different internals and behaviors. Veterinarians are medical professionals and their websites […]

Best Unreal Engine Books For Aspiring Game Developers

There are two incredibly popular modern game engines: Unreal and Unity. In a recent post we covered the best Unity books and in this post I want to focus solely on the Unreal game engine. I’ve sifted through […]

100+ Zoo Websites For Web Design Inspiration

The fun of visiting a zoo comes from the alluring exotic animals. From endangered species to primates and insects, there’s something for everyone at the nearby zoo. In a business like this it’s common to find really creative […]

50 Creative & Dark Nighttime Desktop Wallpapers

Often times it is easier to leave your rig with the default desktop settings. Both Windows and Mac OS X have a nice default setup and although they are recognizable, sometimes you want more. Custom desktop wallpapers may […]

100+ Dental Practice & Dentist Website Designs For Inspiration

When it comes to medical specialties dental professionals can often be left out. But their websites should be designed just as well as any other specialist in the medical field. I recently published a gallery of vet websites […]

100+ Plumbing Websites For Design Inspiration

Tradesmen perform vital skills but they often have the worst looking websites. Too many plumbers run websites that look like they’re straight out of 1999. Times have changed since then and while many trades businesses don’t have the […]

100+ Mommy Blogs For Creative Design Inspiration

Who wouldn’t love cute baby photos, awesome recipes, and fun decorating tips all in one place? Mommy bloggers have taken the Internet by storm and given bored housewives a chance to share their expertise with others around the […]

Learn Ember.js From Scratch: Tuts, Books, and Resources for Beginners

One of the hottest new libraries in frontend development is Ember.js. It’s a framework built to improve and expedite the development process of web applications. Many developers are latching to this project because of the great community and […]

100+ College & University Websites For Design Inspiration

I recently did a lengthy post on high school web design looking at popular trends found in primary school websites. This led me into looking at college sites which often have a more detailed approach to design. There […]

Free Logo Animation Code Snippets from CodePen

After Effects is the most common animation suite, but CSS and JavaScript are quickly becoming the hottest choice for in-browser motion graphics. These free code snippets hosted on CodePen demonstrate the latest possibilities in the world of frontend […]