100+ Beauty & Hair Salon Website Designs

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Beauty salon websites have a certain elegance that sells both the salon and the beauty work.

In this gallery I’ve curated over 100 immaculate beauty salon websites for design inspiration. You’ll find lots of variety that’ll help you plan your own salon website or help clients build their own.

Need A Salon Website?

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Voodoo Hair Salon

voodoo hair salon

Mop Boston

mop hair salon

Spoke & Weal

spoke and weal

Sine Qua Non

sine qua non salon

Dream State Salon

dream state salon

Scott Miller

scott miller salon

Johnny Rodriguez

johnny rodriguez salon

Gallery Salon

gallery salon

Fringe Salon Studio

fringe salon studio

Parlour Hair Salon

parlour salon

Jamie Oneill

jamie oneill salon

Versa Salon

versa salon

Stella’s Salon

stellas salon and spa


tryst spa

Envision Boutique

envision salon


encore spa

Heads & Tails

heads and tails

MDG Salon

mdg salon

Hedwig’s Hair Salon

hedwigs salon

Urban Lift

urban lift

The Establishment Salon

establishment salon

Pure Salon

pure salon

Mario Tricoci

mario tricoci

Bouffant Hair Salon

bouffant hair salon

Educe Salon

educe salon

Sensa Salon

sensa salon

Five Senses

five senses

Hearts & Stars Salon

hearts stars salon spa

Snip Philadelphia

snip philly

Mockingbird Salon

mockingbird salon

Bobby Mack & Co.

bobby mack and company

Ardan’s Salon

ardans salon

Chez Ann Salon

chez ann salon

Groom Service

groom service salon

Beauty Box Salon

beauty box salon

Etch Salon

etch salon

Hair Habitat

hair habitat

Metro Salon

metro salon

Salon Capri

salon capri

Studio Be

studio be salon

Taylor Monroe

taylor monroe

Lure Salon

lure salon


siutse salon

Soho Hair

soho hair

Angelo David Salon

angelo david salon

Twig Salon

twig salon

Millennium at Midtown

millennium midtown

Natural Concepts

natural concepts

Nitty Gritty Hair & Wax

nitty gritty hair wax

Chop Shop Hair Salon

chop shop hair salon

Relle Salon

relle organic salon

Fresh Salon

fresh salon

The Parlour

parlour hair salon

Zoya Salon

zoya salon

Fawn & Fox Salon

fawn fox salon

The Refinery

the refinery salon

Zinke Hair Studio

zinke hair studio

Ginger Salon

ginger salon

The Burrow Salon

the burrow salon

M2 Salon

m2 salon

Bang Seattle

bang salon

Tru on Park

tru on park



Enhance Portland

enhance portland

Salon Refine

salon refine

Salon V

salon v chicago

Jennifer Julia Salon

jennifer julia salon

Salon Cristina

salon cristina


adagio salon

Anita Kurl

anita kurl salon


verabella salon

Hair Razors

hair razors salon

Pure Spa

pure spa salon

Code Salon

code salon

Canary Salon

canary salon

Stardust Salon

stardust salon

Trephin Hair Salon

trephin salon

New Vintage Beauty Lounge

new vintage salon

Buff Beauty Bar

buff beauty bar

Chelsea Salon

chelsea salon

Hair Color Xperts

hair color xperts

Everyone’s Hair

everyones hair

The New Age Salon

new age salon


establishment salon



Tart Beauty Studio

tart beauty studio

Embodyment Salon

embodyment salon

Josephy Anthony

josephy anthony co

French Pharmacie Salon

french pharmacie

Salon Diversions

salon diversions


vain website

Hair by Julianne

hair by julianne


sevva website

Fete Style Bar

fete style bar

Dallas Beauty Lounge

dallas lounge

Fabrizio Cappeli Salon

fabrizio cappeli

Steel + Lacquer

steel lacquer salon

Sola Salon Studios

sola salon studios

The Loft

the loft salon

Douglas J Salon

douglas j salon

French Hair Cut

french hair cut salon

Appel Nouveau

appel nouveau salon

Lunatic Fringe Salon

lunatic fringe salon

Anna Belle Salon

anna bella salon website

Dolled Up

dolled up salon

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