100+ Astrology & Psychic Websites For Design Inspiration

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When people want to hire mystics, psychics, or astrologers they hit Google and search. This means a great website is necessary for anyone practicing these arts hoping to land clients.

This gallery is the perfect resource to find design ideas and inspiration from over 100 different websites. This is the best resource for anyone with their own business, or for any designer who needs ideas for a client project.

Need Your Own Site?

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Lunar Shadow

lunar shadow dietrich

Denise Lescano

denise lescano


twelve houses

Pandora Astrology

pandora astrology

Love & Toads

love and toads

Joanne Gerber

joanne gerber

Terry Nazon

terry nazon

Shelley von Strunckel

shelly psychic

Queen of Cups

queen of cups

Chris Brennan

chris brennan

Medium Fleur

medium fleur

Rowena Angela

rowena angela

Mystic Medusa

mystic medusa

Kathe Martin

kathe martin

Erin the Psychic Witch

erin psychic witch

Triple Goddess Tarot

triple goddess tarot

David Zarza

david zarza

Rachel Hope

rachel hope



Denderah Healing Arts

denderah healing arts

Jessica Adams

jessica adams

Chuck Bergman

chuck bergman

Boston Intuitive

boston intuitive

Miss Renee

miss renee

Emily Grote

emily grote

Astro Girl

astro girl website

Boston’s Best Psychic

tarek boston psychic

Siva Sakthi

siva sakthi

Delight Voss

delight voss

Ana Maria Pineda

wellness miami

Katie Sloan

katie sloan

Via Oto

via oto

Fiona Brandon

fiona brandon

Sky Mandala

sky mandala

Paul Psychic

paul psychic

Anjali Healing Center

anjali healing

Psychic Energy

psychic energy

Healing Spirit Touch

healing spirit

Nancy Garber

nancy garber

Sacred Tree Visions

sacred tree

Astrology Zone

susan miller

Oracle Psychic

the oracle

William Pacholski

william pacholski

Seattle Psychic

alex demmamos psychic

Ayurvedic Astrologer


Astro Style

astro style

Mari Rose

mari rose

Rhea Wolf

rhea wolf website

Lakeview Psychic

lakeview psychic

Energy Interactions

ann king psychic

Raea Sunshine

raea sunshine

Kris Cahill

kris cahill

Mona Van Joseph

mona van joseph

Galactic Priestess Academy

galactic priestess academy

Apryl Nicole

apryl nicole

Psychic Spa

psychic spa

Free Will Astrology

free will astrology

Rock ‘n Roll Shaman

rock n roll

Hector Psychic

hector psychic

Roots to Stars

roots to stars

Anthem Flint

anthem flint

Astrology by Austin

astrology by austin

Happy Creative Life

happy life astrology

Tracey L Rogers

tracy l rogers

Tracy Atkinson

tracy atkinson

Tatiana Sakurai

tatiana sakurai

Sally Faubion

sally faubion

Therese Murphy

therese murphy

Mystic Insights

mystic insights

Angel Eye Astrology

angel eye astrology

Mary Beth

mary beth astrologer

Karma Connection

karma connection

Spirit Guiding

spirit guiding

Storm Arcana

storm arcana

Seattle Astrology

seattle astrology

Joe Nicols

nicols astrologer

Your Life’s Direction

your lifes direction

Andrea Woodhouse

andrea woodhouse

Lauren Bortolami

lauren bortolami

The Healing Woods

the healing woods

Beyond Therapy

beyond therapy

Gemma Inspires

gemma inspires

Donna Philosophica

donna philosophica

Psychic of Chicago

psychics of chicago

Gia Victorino

gia victorino

Matthew Fraser

matthew fraser

Brenda Ridgeway

brenda ridgeway

Maxine Friend

maxine friend

Kim Allen

kim allen website

Christopher’s Lamp

christophers lamp

Shamanic Evolution

shamanic evolution

Mystical Awakenings

mystical awakenings

Terry Yoder

terry yoder

Janet Mayer

janet mayer

One Ancient Soul

one ancient soul


spiritual adriana

Cassandra Macleane

cassandra macleane

Matina the Medium

matina medium

Your Life In Cards

your life in cards

Amy Utsman

amy utsman

Jessica Lanayadoo

jessica lanayadoo

Susan Rowler

susan rowler

James Panther

james panther

Peter Onan

peter onan

Joseph LoBrutto III

joseph lobrutto iii

Spiritual Nutrition

alexander dunlop nutrition

Psychic Rebel

colby psychic

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