Best Safari browser icon freebies for designers

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Safari’s navigator icon is one of the most recognizable emblems for Internet browsing. This icon can be used to represent Safari itself, or to construct a relevant branding for your own project(s).

I’ve scoured through Dribbble organizing a handful of Safari freebies released for all programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch.

This freebie collection includes both Safari icons and wireframes of the Safari browser. Each graphic is completely free for use in any personal design project, and many even allow commercial work as well.

Glowing Safari (Sketch)

glowing clear safari browser icon

OS X Yosemite (PSD)

osx yosemite safari

Safari iOS Light (PSD)

safari light

Safari Metal Finish (PSD)

realistic safari compass icon

Flat Style (PSD)

flat safari icon blue

Dark Globe (PSD)

dark safari globe icon

Square Style (Sketch)

square safari icon ios

iOS7 Vector Icon (AI)

ios7 style safari icon

Safari Yosemite Browser (PSD)

yosemite safari mockup

Safari Template (PSD)

safari browser mockup psd

Safari 9 UI (Sketch)

safari 9 el capitan freebie

Simpler Safari (Sketch)

simple flat safari browser template

Author: Jaime Morrison

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