150+ Coffee Shop and Café Websites for Design Inspiration

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Quality design inspiration is tough to find for niche projects. Cafés are all over the world and they need websites just like any other eatery.

The toughest part is knowing how to design a cool café or chill coffee shop website that fits the ambiance of the location.

I’ve gathered what I hope to be the ultimate collection of coffee shops and bakery/café websites. Most follow similar design patterns as restaurant sites, but it’s nice to see prime examples of top-quality websites in this space of food service.

Need A Café Website?

If you need a website for your café or coffee house then our restaurant site setup guide might be perfect. This guide can help any café owner make their own website dirt cheap without sacrificing quality.

Elm Coffee Roasters

elm coffee roasters website
Source Elm Coffee


brewed fw texas coffee
Source Brewed

The Mad Batter Cafe

mad batter cafe website
Source Mad Batter

Josef’s Vienna Cafe

josef bakery cafe website
Source Josef’s Cafe

Corner Bakery Cafe

corner bakery website
Source Corner Bakery Cafe

Cafe Britt

cafe britt gourmet website
Source Cafe Britt

Twenty & Six Espresso

twenty six espresso website
Source Twenty & Six Espresso

Devon Cafe

devon cafe website
Source Devon Cafe

Caribou Coffee

caribou coffee website
Source Caribou Coffee

Lonsdale Street Roasters

lonsdale street roasters website
Source Lonsdale Street Roasters

South Pine Cafe

south pine cafe website
Source South Pine Cafe

Lemonjello’s Coffee

lemonjello coffee website
Source Lemonjello’s Coffee

Publik Coffee Roasters

publik coffee roasters
Source Publik Roasters

Slate Coffee

slate coffee website
Source Slate Coffee

Pikolo Espresso Bar

pikolo espresso bar website
Source Pikolo Espresso Bar

Blue Star Coffee

blue star coffee roasters
Source Blue Star


kronotrop website
Source Kronotrop


bageriet london website
Source Bageriet

Revolver Espresso

revolver espresso website
Source Revolver Espresso

Sunrise Coffee

sunrise coffee website
Source Sunrise Coffee

Park Avenue Coffee

park avenue coffee website
Source Park Avenue Coffee

Lamplighter Roasting

lamplighter roasting company
Source Lamplighter

Cafe Olimpico

cafe olimpico website
Source Cafe Olimpico

Bohemia Bagel

bohemia bagel website
Source Bohemia Bagel

Ipsento Coffee

ipsento coffee website
Source Ipsento

Café Pergamino

cafe pergamino website
Source Café Pergamino

Slims Healthy Kitchen

slims healthy kitchen website
Source Slims Healthy Kitchen

Bean Exchange

bean exchange website
Source Bean Exchange

Monolok Cafe

monolok cafe website czech republic
Source Monolok Cafe

Sightglass Coffee

sightglass coffee website
Source Sightglass Coffee

1369 Coffee House

1369 coffee house
Source 1369 Coffee House

Fidel’s Cafe

fidel cafe
Source Fidel’s Cafe

Street Bean

street bean website
Source Street Bean

The Wolseley

wolseley website
Source Wolseley

Cuckoo Callay

cuckoo callay website
Source Cuckoo Callay

Counter Productive

counter productive cafe
Source Counter Productive

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

spyhouse coffee website
Source Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

Black Betty

black betty great coffee
Source Black Betty

Caruso’s Coffee

carusos coffee website
Source Caruso’s Coffee

Cafe Paradiso

cafe paradiso website
Source Cafe Paradiso

Rise Up Coffee

rise up coffee roasters
Source Rise Up


sumptown coffee website
Source Sumptown

Seattle’s Best Coffee

seattles best coffee website
Source Seattle’s Best

Double Coffee

double coffee website
Source Double Coffee

Pangaea Bier Cafe

pangaea bier cafe website
Source Pangaea Bier Cafe

Bear Pond Espresso

bear pond espreso website
Source Bear Pond

Duck & Waffle

duck and waffle website
Source Duck & Waffle

Cacao 70

cacao 70 website
Source Cacao 70

Harvest Espresso

harvest espresso website
Source Harvest Espresso

Kitchen Mouse

kitchen mouse usa
Source Kitchen Mouse

Steam Espresso

steam espresso website
Source Steam Espresso

C & C Coffee

cc coffee company
Source C&C Coffee Co.

Mulberry Coffeehouse

mulberry coffeehouse
Source Mulberry Coffeehouse

Le Camille

le camille website
Source Le Camille

Hello Sunday

hello sunday cafe website
Source Hello Sunday

Lighthouse Roasters

lighthouse coffeehouse website
Source Lighthouse Roasters

Berlin Bistro

berlin coffee house website
Source Berlin Bistro

Moksha Caffe

moksha cafe website
Source Moksha Caffe

Café Umbria

cafe umbria website
Source Café Umbria

Soup Spoon Cafe

soup spoon homepage cafe
Source Soup Spoon Cafe

Camden Coffee House

camden coffee house
Source Camden Coffee House

Cafe on First

cafe on first website
Source Cafe on First

Joe Bean Roasters

joe bean roasters website
Source Joe Bean

Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli

queen sallys diamond deli
Source Queen Sally’s

Three Chimneys

three chimneys website
Source Three Chimneys

Lee & Me Cafe

lee and me cafe
Source L&M Cafe

Summer Moon Coffee

summer moon coffee website
Source Summer Moon

Yeast Nashville

yeast nashville website
Source Yeast Nashville

Mixed Business

mixed business website
Source Mixed Business

Cartel Coffee Lab

cartel coffee lab website
Source Cartel Coffee Lab

BlackStar Pastry

blackstar pastry website
Source BlackStar Pastry

Ground Coffee Houses

ground coffee
Source Ground Coffee Houses

Cuvee Coffee

cuvee coffee website
Source Cuvee Coffee

Bull & Bear

bull n bear website
Source Bull & Bear

Analog Coffee

analog coffee website
Source Analog Coffee

Selland’s Market-Café

sellands cafe website
Source Selland’s

Ona Coffee

ona coffee website
Source Ona Coffee


wawa website
Source Wawa


notes cafe website
Source Notes

Drugstore Espresso

drugstore espresso website
Source Drugstore Espresso

Press Coffee

press coffee website
Source Press Coffee

Quay Coffee

quay coffee website
Source Quay Coffee

Maeva’s Coffee

maevas coffee
Source Maeva’s

Crocker Art Museum Cafe

crocker art museum website
Source Crocker Art Museum

Maggie Mays

maggie mays website
Source Maggie Mays

Caffe Fiore

cafe fiore website
Source Caffe Fiore

Fuel Coffee

fuel coffee cafe website
Source Fuel Coffee

Black Brew Espresso

black brew espresso website
Source Black Brew

Savoy Cafe and Deli

savoy cafe website
Source Savoy Cafe


loveat coffee cafe
Source Loveat

Paludan Cafe

paludan cafe
Source Paludan Cafe


no 67 website cafe
Source Number67

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

chocolate fish coffee
Source Chocolate Fish Coffee

Oldtown Coffee

oldtown coffee website
Source Oldtown

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

mozarts coffee website
Source Mozart’s Coffee

Yellow Bernard

yellow bernard website
Source Yellow Bernard

Macrina Bakery

macrina bakery website
Source Macrina Bakery

Tamper Coffee

tamper coffee website
Source Tamper Coffee

Four Barrel Coffee

four barrel coffee website
Source Four Barrel Coffee


zoska coffee website
Source Zoska

Coffee Supreme

coffee supreme website
Source Coffee Supreme

Magnolia Cafe

magnolia cafe website
Source Magnolia Cafe


delano coffee website
Source Delano

Journeyman Cafe

journeyman cafe website
Source Journeyman Cafe

Tamp Coffee

tamp coffee website
Source Tamp Coffee


mitchellis coffee
Source Mitchelli’s

Zus & Zo

zus and zo website
Source Zus & Zo

Phil & Sebastian

phil sebastian coffee
Source Phil & Sebastian

Dept of Coffee and Social Affairs

department of coffee website
Source Dept of Coffee

Rosetta Roastery

rosetta roastery website
Source Rosetta Roastery

Dome Cafe

dome cafe website
Source Dome Cafe


superette website design
Source Superette

The Depot Bakery

the depot bakery website
Source The Depot Bakery

Smokey Row Coffee

smokey row coffee website
Source Smokey Row Coffee

Café Rogue

cafe rogue french website
Source Café Rogue

Vertue Coffee

vertue coffee website
Source Vertue Coffee

Kopapa Café

kopapa cafe website
Source Kopapa Café

Wiener Rösthaus

winer rosthaus coffee
Source Wiener Rösthaus

Upshot Espresso

upshot espresso website
Source Upshot Espresso

The Hidden Gem Cafe

hidden gem cafe
Source Hidden Gem

Cafe Grumpy

cafe grumpy website
Source Cafe Grumpy

Elemental Coffee

elemental coffee website
Source Elemental Coffee

The Barking Dog

barking dog belfast website
Source The Barking Dog

Vienna Coffee Company

vienna coffee website
Source Vienna Coffee Company

Thirty-Thirty Coffee Co.

thirty thirty coffee website
Source Thirty-Thirty

Common Grounds

common grounds website
Source Common Grounds

Cielito Querido Café

cielito querido cafe website
Source Cielito Querido Cafe

Black Milk

black milk website
Source Black Milk

Truth Coffee

truth coffee roasting
Source Truth Coffee

America’s Best

americas best website
Source America’s Best

Petit Cafe

petit cafe website
Source Petit Cafe

Cooper & Wolf

cooper and wolf
Source Cooper & Wolf


dishroom cafe website
Source Dishroom

Storyville Coffee Company

storyville company
Source Storyville

The Lucky Fox

lucky fox website
Source Luckyfox

49th Parallel

49th parallel website
Source 49th Parallel

Anodyne Coffee

anodyne coffee website
Source Anodyne Coffee

Hyper Hyper Coffee

hyper hyper coffee website
Source Hyper Hyper Coffee

Pannikin Coffee & Tea

pannikin coffee website
Source Pannikin

Tower Cafe

tower cafe website
Source Tower Cafe

Du Pain et Des

du pain et des website
Source Du Pain et Des

Lantana Cafe

lantana cafe website
Source Lantana Cafe

Dunn Brothers Coffee

dunn brothers coffee website
Source Dunn Brothers

Kicking Horse Coffee

kicking horse website
Source Kicking Horse Coffee

Pies ‘n’ Thighs

pies n thighs website
Source Pies ‘n’ Thighs

Tap Coffee

tap coffee london website
Source Tap Coffee

Mama Coco

mama coco website homepage
Source Mama Coco

Blighty Coffee

blighty coffee website
Source Blighty Coffee

The Blue Legume

blue legume website
Source The Blue Legume


menicafe website
Source MeniCafe

Antz Inya Pantz

antz inya pantz coffee website
Source Antz Inya Pantz

New England Coffee

ne coffee website
Source New England Coffee

Kansas City Shuffle

kansas city shuffle website
Source Kansas City Shuffle


atmalogy website
Source Atmalogy

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