DuckDuckGo ES6 Cheatsheet Easter Egg

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The most private search engine just got a little cooler with a built-in ECMAScript6 cheat sheet.

When searching for the keywords “es6 cheatsheet” you’ll find the regular results with a link leading to a hidden cheatsheet page. Clicking it will open an inline content box featuring syntax for ES6 declarations, arrays, and more.

Everything is sourced from Mozilla’s JS reference but blends natively into the DuckDuckGo search page.

It turns out DuckDuckGo can organize any cheatsheet at your discretion. They do this with many programming languages and are happy to comply if it helps developers save a little time.

To see it in action visit the results page or click the preview screenshot below.

duckduckgo es6 cheatsheet preview

Author: Jaime Morrison

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