Best Dribbble Freebies Released In February 2016

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Each month Dribbblers upload hundreds of freebies and most end up lost to the pixels of time. So each month I’m curating the best Dribbble freebies for designers to keep a steady list of great resources.

The January collection was great featuring icons, mobile & web UIs, along with some Principle animations. This month’s gallery is just as good with plenty of freebies to go around.

Batman vs Superman Logo

batman superman logo
Designed by Barin Cristian

Checkout & Delivery Icons

checkout icons design
Designed by Epic Coders

Energy Icons

pollution energy icons
Designed by Benjamin Bely

Dark Clock

dark icon clock freebie
Designed by Fardan Munshi

On/Off Switch

on off switch icons
Designed by Samir Alley

Moon Wireframe Kit

moon wireframe kit design
Designed by George Frigo


calendar ui sketch
Designed by Hoang Nguyen

Classy Registration Form

classy registration form ui
Designed by Themes Dojo

Leather Logo

leather texture text
Designed by Graphicdome

Glitch Text Effect

glitch text effect
Designed by GraphicsFuel

Vienna Hotel Typeface

vienna hotel typeface
Designed by Designrazzi

Line Icons

travel insurance icons
Designed by Pramod Kabadi


equalizer icon freebie
Designed by Fardan Munshi

Credit Card

credit card icon freebie
Designed by Mr.Z


dashboard psd freebie
Designed by Dux Nguyen

Analytics Chart

freebie analytics chart
Designed by Samir Alley

Portland UI

denis shepovalov freebie
Designed by Denis Shepovalov

iOS UI Kit for Comet

adobe comet ui kit
Designed by Roman Kryzhanovskyi

Vintage Alarm Clock

vintage alarm clock psd
Designed by Barin Cristian

Cartoon Grapes

cartoon grapes icon psd
Designed by Barin Cristian

20 Free Square Icons

square iconset freebie
Designed by Krafted

Isometric Icons

isometric icons freebie
Designed by Oxygenna

Mariyinsky Palace

palace illustration icon
Designed by Olya

Countdown Timer

countdown timer icon
Designed by Samir Alley

Workout Tracker App

workout tracker app ui
Designed by Racine Davis

Bookshelf Android App

sketch freebie android app ui
Designed by Rico Monteiro

Gaming UI Kit

gaming ui kit freebie
Designed by Drasius M.

My Mac Icons

mac icons freebie
Designed by Rohan Bhangui

Icon 3D Touch

principle animation custom ios icon
Designed by Roman Wagner

Time Picker Animation

principle animation gif time ui
Designed by Ghani Pradita

Like Micro-Animation

prd principle freebie download
Designed by Roman Wagner

Author: Jaime Morrison

Jaime is a jr. designer interested in mobile UI/UX research and frontend web development with JavaScript frameworks. He covers general news and useful resources in the web design space.