Best Dribbble Freebies Released in January 2016

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Another month boasts another handful of design freebies from Dribbble. My previous collection held numerous UI kits, iconsets, and even a few Principle animation files.

January kicks off the new year with these 30 brand new & unique freebies for download. I strive for quality in these collections by including only the best freebies posted to Dribbble over the past month.

This gallery has UI kits and interface mockups, vector icons, multifaceted iconsets, and even a couple impressive Principle UI/UX animations.

Visa Card

sketch freebie creditcard

Video Player UI

video player ui freebie

Monitoring Dashboard

sketch freebie dashboard

Location Tracker

location tracker ui freebie

Watermelon Seeds Pattern

tileable pattern freebie watermelon

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

vector icon freebie strawberry

NSA Logo Vector

nsa spying on you vector

Dark Tone Keyboard

dark tone keyboard

Settings Interface

flat settings panel ui freebie

Freebie UI Kit

psd ui kit freebie

30 Free UIs

30-pack free interfaces sketch

Style Tile Ver. A

style tile version 1

Style Tile Ver. B

style tile version 2

Hardcover Book PSD

freebie mockup hardcover book

Sea Iconset

freebie sea elements icons

Colorful Dashboard Icons

sketch svg iconset freebie

Freebie Document Icons

green thin iconset documents

Office & Workspace Icons

freebie iconset psd vectors

Thin Sketch Icons

sketch freebie iconset

Telephone & Contacts Icons

telephone contacts colored iconset

Hand-drawn Iconset

freebie handdrawn icons vectors

Windows Mobile 10 Icons

freebie 250+ windows 10 iconset

Clean eCommerce Iconset

blue flat detailed iconset ecommerce

Food Vector Icons

freebie iconset food icons


emoji smiley iconset freebie

Kawaii Emoji Icons

illustrator vector freebie emojis

Panda 4 PSD Logo

panda 4 reader logo freebie

Safari App Icon

safari app icon sketch freebie

Android App Loader(Sketch/Principle)

android app loading animation principle

Signup Form(Sketch/Principle)

freebie sketch principle animated signup form

Author: Jaime Morrison

Jaime is a jr. designer interested in mobile UI/UX research and frontend web development with JavaScript frameworks. He covers general news and useful resources in the web design space.