Fast Company’s Redesign Goes Modular With A Magazine-Style Layout

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Fast Company has released a sitewide redesign for their main website and subsequent brands like Co.Design. This has been slowly rolling out for months and was just recently pushed live for all readers.

The goal of this redesign is to move beyond a static layout looking for something that feels modular. Content is grouped together by assemblies of modules which can be added, rearranged, or edited on a whim.

Here’s a preview screencap of the homepage(click for fullsize):

fast company homepage redesign 2016

A big piece of this redesign is the adoption of fractal design patterns. The homepage is made to look very unique with odd angles so that visitors would instantly recognize they’re on Fast Company.

Similar design ideas permeate the entire site on article pages, post archives, and the homepage. This keeps consistency and relevancy while branding the design with a unique Fast Co. experience.

Every motif we’ve used appears on all the other pages we’ve created, with the hope that it becomes a visual language that you can sense even without knowing it.

Although this is a new release it’s certainly not the final goal. Paraphrased from the Fast Co. redesign announcement, “this new system was created with the expectation that it’s never finished”.

Fast Company plans to release many other features including:

  • Interactive polls
  • Reader-customizable widgets
  • Detailed photo essays
  • A new “Fast Feed”(whatever this means)

Here’s a brief 1-minute video showing off the new features.

And if you want to share your opinion(s) feel free to shoutout on Twitter @FastCompany or send a message directly to redesign2016[AT]fastcompany[DOT]com.

Author: Jaime Morrison

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