Infographic: Design Trends To Expect In 2016

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Web design is a constantly evolving art, with a few foundational best practices standing the test of time. While design principles will always remain, there is always a new crop of design trends that appear every year. Whether inspired by Apple, Google, or mother nature, these trends aim to move the user experience forward and grab more attention.

Coastal Creative, an all-inclusive print design studio based in San Diego, released for the second year in a row its applauded DesignTrends Infographic.

The 2015 release won a coveted spot on HubSpot’s best infographics list of 2015, and Coastal Creative’s 2016 infographic continued its research to uncover design prediction in the new year. As the web becomes more crowded for viewer’s attention it’s increasingly important to ensure your viewer’s have a first class experience that leaves them wanting more.

New ideas include increased minimalism, enhanced storytelling, and card-based design. Take a look at the new and continuing design trends for 2016 and think about how to apply this to your company for the next year.

Click the infographic below to see a fullsize version:

design trends for 2016


Author: Joe Robison

Joe Robison is the marketing director at Coastal Creative, a San Diego-based design and custom printing company. Joe loves the intersection of design and marketing.