Infographic: Jobs Found In Early-Stage App Startups

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Tech startups are more commonplace than ever before. Getting a new idea launched is no easy task – sometimes one person can handle the job, but eventually it requires a team of people in different specialties.

Since the startup world is full of glamour it can be confusing to understand how to structure a new tech startup. This infographic details the major roles to be filled in any early-stage mobile app startup. While developers are obviously crucial to the operation, there are many other tasks & duties required to turn a project idea into a successful startup company.

Click the image below to see a fullsize shot of the infographic:

early state startup jobs

Note: this infographic was originally made for & published on App Idea Awards

Author: Zach Taiji

Zach is a freelance writer and designer by night, and a public relations professional by day. His topics of expertise include technology, marketing and social media. In his spare time Zach enjoys photography and hiking with his dogs in the Pacific Northwest.