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Imaginative Yelp Redesigns: Website Mockups and Mobile App Interfaces

These Yelp redesigns were created by designers from Dribbble with the intent of gaining practice, recognition, or providing a critique to Yelp’s current design. The best way to learn design is by studying and practicing. These designers have […]

Best Animated Logos for Identity Design and Motion Graphics Inspiration

Corporate branding sets the tone for a product’s perception in the world. Visual identity is a huge field and it becomes even more complex with animated effects. These custom-animated shots are the perfect inspiration for motion graphics designers […]

LinkedIn Homepage and UI Redesign Concepts

Online business has never looked so great with these custom LinkedIn redesigns. This gallery includes both websites layouts and mobile app UI designs from various Dribbble designers. LinkedIn is known for being the social networking site with a […]

Steam Website Layout & Gaming Client Redesigns

The game distribution network Steam has become a saving grace for indie developers worldwide. It offers a way for small game studios to get their content published without relying on major publishers, and without the need for major […]

Pixel Art Styled Websites For Retro Layout Inspiration

The field of pixel art was conceived from classic gaming which has grown into modern pixel art. While the demand for pixel art has decreased, there are still thousands of talented pixel artists around the world who keep […]

150+ Coffee Shop and Café Websites for Design Inspiration

Quality design inspiration is tough to find for niche projects. Cafés are all over the world and they need websites just like any other eatery. The toughest part is knowing how to design a cool café or chill […]

150+ Restaurant and Fine Dining Websites for Inspiration

Restaurant websites span the gamut from breathtakingly beautiful to horrifically ‘90s. Most top-tier restaurants have great websites but this isn’t always the case. More business owners now realize the power of an optimized website layout—especially for a physical […]

100+ E-mail Newsletter Signup Form Designs for Inspiration

Web design is a broad term encompassing user experience and interface design. The aesthetic side of web design can be difficult even for experienced designers. Inspiration galleries help to build a visual library of concepts, ideas, and styles […]

Modern Hacker News Redesign Concepts

The Hacker News social voting community powered by Y Combinator is a source for breaking development & startup news. It’s been around for years and ballooned into a trustworthy resource. But even with high-quality submissions and a large […]

100+ Contact Form Pages for Design Inspiration

Contact forms are a crucial part of any website. Designers often struggle to find appropriate themes and trends, so they seek out inspiration galleries for examples and ideas to apply into their own work. I personally find inspiration […]