Instacart Grocery Delivery Startup Updates their Logo

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It seems 2016 is the year of new logos with startups rebranding left and right.

The grocery delivery service Instacart just announced a new identity redesign after 3+ years online. Their press release showcases the new logo with a bright new carrot icon.

Users already familiar with Instacart’s old logo will recognize changes in the typography and kerning. It’s a dramatic change that actually appears much more professional.

A quick comparison of the old logo followed by the new one:

instacart old logo

instacart new logo 2016

Instacart was already recognized for its carrot icon representing the value of food and their service to society. This updated logo reflects more of a professional look with a focus on sharper edges and less glamour.

Here’s a quote from Instacart’s design team:

Why the new look? We opted for a more cohesive brand to unite our iconic Carrot and logotype. Our goal was to create something that was down to earth, smart, vibrant, dependable and thoughtful — and we think this new face of Instacart captures that essence and reflects our product and experience clearly.

Fullsize logo resources are provided in the official press kit if you want to check it out.

The Instacart team published a news post covering more detail about the identity redesign. To see it live just visit the Instacart homepage or check their Twitter account @Instacart.


Author: Jaime Morrison

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