UI/UX Design Sketches and Wireframes from Instagram

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Dynamic sketching and wireframing are vital aspects of interface design. The creative process should start rough and move towards solid ideas.

But it’s tough for new designers to understand the value of wireframing – especially getting away from the computer and sketching ideas with paper. These sample wireframe designs visualize websites and mobile apps in rough form.

Each photo from this gallery is from Instagram with a link back to the original source. You’ll find a lot of raw wireframe inspiration demonstrating the true creative power of paper & pencil.

Wireframe w/ Callouts

wireframe sketch by ashley burton

Finance Website

finance website wireframe

E-mail Admin

email admin concept

Website Sketch

wireframe website mockup

Layout Sketches

interface sketch layouts

Lo-Fi Wireframe

simple homepage lofi sketch

App UI Wireframes

mobile app ui sketches

Hi-Fidelity App Wireframes

hifi mobile app ui wireframes


mobile app sketch prototype

Startup Wireframe

startup homepage wireframe


sketchbook wireframes

Interface Elements

interface elements sketches

Concept Strategy

sketching strategy UI design


precise sketching app ui

High-Fidelity Wireframe

hifi website wireframe

Website on Paper

website wireframe on paper

Web Project

lightmaker sketch wireframe

Simple Website

simple wireframe sketch website

Detailed Wireframe

homepage wireframe detailed

UI Sketching

sample website ui sketch

UI/UX Wireframing

ui ux wireframing kevin powell

Mobile App Prototyping

prototype motion mobile app screens

App UI Sketches

luca morovian sketching wireframes

Website Interface

sketch website ui

Measured Wireframes

Kylie Dunkley wireframe sketch

Wireframe Sketches

paper pencil wireframing ui

Dot Grid Sketchpad

dot grid sketchpad wireframe

User Flow Wireframes

mobile ui user flows

Homepage Sketch Design

homepage links sketch

Dot Grid Paper

prototype wireframe dot grid paper

Website Wireframes

ricardo jorge pinto wireframes

Rough Wireframe Sketch

josh keene rough wireframe sketch

Hand-Drawn Wireframe

chintan shukla drawing sketching wireframe

Web UI Sketching

tiffany kelly website wireframe

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