100+ Library Websites For Web Design Inspiration

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Public libraries and college libraries have similar functions with similar website layouts. These design trends should be universal across every type of library website with the goal of a great user experience for potential visitors.

In this gallery I’ve curated over 100 different examples of library website layouts that you can study, pick apart, and restyle for your own web projects. There’s a huge variety to choose from and you’re bound to find at least a few examples that catch your eye.

Reading Public Library

reading public library

New York Public Library

ny public library

Henrietta Public Library

henrietta public library

Cornell University

cornell university homepage

U of M Library

university michigan

Brookline Library

brookine library

UVM Libraries

uvm vermont library

Gates Public Library

gates public library

University of Texas

univrsity of texas library

George W. Bush Library

george w bush library

Orange County Library

orange county library

Hesburgh Library

hesburgh library


dlr libraries

MIT Libraries

mit library

Bridwell Library

bridwell library

Enoch Pratt Free Library

enoch pratt

Bedford Public Library

bedford library

Toronto Public Library

toronto public library

St. Charles Public Library

st charles public

Kalamazoo Public Libary

kalamazoo library


washington wcpl

University of Central Florida

central florida library

Seattle Public Library

seattle public library

USC Library

usc libraries

Durham County Library

durham county library

Boston Public Library

boston public library

West Bloomfield Library

west bloomfield library

Stockholms Library

sweden stockholm

Scottsdale Public Library

scottsdale library

High Plains Library District

high plains library

Chili Library

chili public library

Henry Madden Library

fresno henry madden

LMU Munich

lmu munich

Stadtbibliothek Köln

koln germany library

Irondequoit Public Library

irondequoit library

AUP Library

paris aup library

Biblioteca delle Oblate

biblioteca della library

Queen’s University Library

queens library

University of Oklahoma Library

oklahoma library

Palmerston North City Library

palmerston library

Washington County Library

wcc washington library

Carnegie Library

carnegie library pittsburgh

University of Saskatchewan

saskatchewan library

Southampton University Library

u southampton library

DC Public Library

dc public library

Morton Grove Public Library

morton grove library

UCSF Library

ucsf library

Denver Public Library

denver public library

Falvey Memorial Library

falvey memorial library

Baker Library

baker library

Kansas City Public Library

kansas city library

Barrington Area Library

barrington library

Greenwich Library

greenwich library

Milan-Berlin Library

milan berlin library

Iowa City Public Library

iowa city public library

Orcas Island Library

orcas library

UP Public Library

up public library

University of Colonge

cologne library

Cecil County Public Library

cecil county

Augustana Library

augustana library

Johnson County Library

joco library

Washington County Free Library

washington library

West Milford Township Library

wmtl milford library

Hamden Library

hamden library

Whitehall Public Library

white hall library

Bloomfield Library

bloomfield public library

UCLA Library

ucla library

ASU Library

asu library

Milan TN Library

milan tn

Thomas Ford Memorial Library

ford library

Stockholm University Library

stockholm u library

Westerville Public Library

westerville library

Georgia State University

georgia state university

Williams College Libraries

williams college library

Ithaca College Library

ithaca library

Royal Oak Public Library

royal public library

Township of Washington Library

washington library

Claremont Library

claremont library

West Bloomfield

west bloomfield library

NCSU Libraries

ncsu library

Washington Public Library

washington library

DeKalb Public Library

dekalb library


watertown library

Arlington Heights Library

arlington library

Harold B. Lee Library

harold b lee library

Western Michigan U Library

western mich library

Otis College Library

otis college library

Emerson College Library

emerson college library

Washoe County Library

washoe library

Seattle Public Library

seattle library

E.J. Pratt Library

ej pratt library

CSUSM University Library

csusm library

Christchurch City Library

christchurch library

UCR Library

ucr library

Ellensburg Library

ellensburg library

Saint Benedict Library

csb sju university library

William F. Laman Public Library

william laman library

Clinton Macomb Library

clinton macomb library

Burlington County Library

bcls burlington library

Oakville Public Library

oakville public library

Western Libraries

western washington university

University of Washington Library

washington u library

Cambridge Public Library

cambridge library

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