100+ Best Massage Therapy Website Designs

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From a Swedish massage to sports therapy massage there’s always a market for licensed massage therapists.

But with so much competition it’s important that every LMT & day spa have their own website. And this gallery has over 100 well-designed massage websites to help you come up with ideas for your own.

Whether you’re launching a new site or redesigning an existing one I guarantee you’ll find some great ideas in this gallery.

Saille Healing Path

saille healing path

Jen Allen

jen allen massage

Donelson Massage Center

donelson massage

Massage Memphis

massage memphis

The WellBeings Company

wellbeings company

Blossom Clinic

blossom clinic

Vibrant Reiki SF

vibrant reiki sf

Infinite Massage

infinite massage

Body of Light

body of light

Florida Wellness

florida wellness

Amber Dawn Hallet

amber dawn hallet

North Tampa

north tampa spine center

Clare Katner

clare katner lmt


barkdoll massage

The Massage Center

free massage center


tula massage

NeoBody Works

neobody works

Studio LaRue

studio larue


mindbody sf

Boston Massage Studio

boston massage

JT Muscular Therapy

jt muscular therapy

Madison Healing Arts

madison healing arts

Precision Healing Clinic

precision healing clinic

Melt Massage

melt massage

River North Massage

river north massage

N4 Med Spa

n4 med spa

Be Well Boston

be well boston

Revive Massage

revive massage



Integrative Theraputic Massage

integrative theraputic massage


suchada traditional thai massage

Mend Massage Therapy

mend richmond

The Wellness Center

wellness center

LaVida Massage

lavida massage

Renewal Day Spa

renewal day spa

Pure Palate

pure palate massage

Healing Hands

healing hands

Massage & Bodywork

massage bodywork

Love Skin

love skin nashville

Classic Body Restoration

classic body pdx

Islands of Paradise

islands of paradise

Feel Bliss Massage

feel bliss massage

Psoas Massage

psoas massage bodywork

A-List Relaxation

alist relaxation

Healing Spirit

healing spirit integrative

Joe Strunk

joe strunk

Bodywork Unbound

bodywork unbound

Integrative Bodywork


Epic Bodyworks

epic bodyworks

Carrollwood Massage

carrollwood massage



Theresa Zink

theresa zink


benessere body balance

Bay Area Neuro Clinic

bay area massage

Renewing Massage

renewing massage

Pasadena Massage

pasadena massage

LMAR Healing

lmar healing



Project Zen

project zen

TN Massage

tn massage bodywork

Halo Healing Therapies

halo healing therapies

Synergy Massage

synergy massage

Rejuvenation Center

rejuvination center

Deep River Bodyworks

deep river bodyworks


common ground wellness

Core Health

core health chiro

My Tampa Massage

tampa massage

Red Moon Wellness

red moon wellness

Mudra Massage

mudra massage


trilogy chiropractic


lakshmi ayurveda nashville

Sports Massage

sports massage healing arts

Willow Tree Wellness

willow tree wellness

Peace Massage Therapy

peace massage therapy

Massage Therapy of Boston

massage of boston

Hands of Gold

hands of gold chiro

The Soma Institute

some institute

Koru Therapy

koru therapy

Human Touch Therapy

human touch therapy


kwan yin massage


attune massage

Balanced Massage Therapy

balanced massage therapy

Advanced Wellness Centre

wellness centre

Flourish Chiropractic Spa

flourish spa

Atlas Massage

atlas massage

Boston Bodyworker

boston bodyworker

Midtown Massage

midtown massage

John Davis

john davis lmt

Massage Williamsburg

williamsburg massage

Blooma Nashville

blooma nashville

YoYo Yogi

yoyo yogi


zenurgy homepage

James River

james river


oxygen massage

Greenwood Physical Therapy

greenwood pt

Pain Stop

pain stop chicago

Cabral Wellness

cabral wellness centre


knead massage

Pasadena Plastics

pasadena massage

Green Leaf Massage

green leaf massage

A Great Massage

a great massage

Practical Massage

practical massage therapy

Massage NYC

massage therapy nyc

Vida Integrated Health

vida integrated health

Melanie Joye

melanie joye lmt

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