Mastering React: New 250-Page Book For Advanced ReactJS Development

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Mastering React is a new book published by Packt Publishing for intermediate-to-advanced ReactJS developers. Written by pros Adam Horton and Ryan Vice, this covers all the advanced topics you could ever need for powerful React applications.

The book is currently for sale on the Packt Pub website, although Amazon has it slated for release March 4th.

Take a look at the online preview to see quick snippets from each section. The chapters organize as follows:

  1. Introduction To React
  2. Component Composition and Lifecycle
  3. Dynamic Components, Mixins, Forms, and More JSX
  4. Anatomy of a React Application
  5. Starting a React Application
  6. React Blog App Part 1 – Actions and Common Components
  7. React Blog App Part 2 – Users
  8. React Blog App Part 3 – Posts
  9. React Blog App Part 4 – Infinite Scroll and Search
  10. Animation in React

If you’re interested to learn more check out the book page on Packt’s website. It offers a free sample of the content in each chapter plus the sub-sections in each chapter.

The book comes in digital formats by default but can be ordered with digital+print for a little extra.


Author: Jaime Morrison

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