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New InVision Library Syncs UI Elements For Live Updates In Sketch

The InVision team has been busy updating the Craft plugin, a Sketch/PS extension made for UI/UX designers. It offers a bundle of tools including prototyping and quick techniques for duplicating content. There’s now a brand new Craft feature […]

Kliqqi Replaces The Pligg Social News CMS

After the recent sale & abandonment of Pligg CMS, users were left with a platform that was unstable and seemingly never to be updated again. That is until Kliqqi was announced as the official successor to Pligg. It’s […]

Vue.js 2.0 Public Preview Released

The Vue.js team just announced a public preview of Vue 2.0 which is now open & available for download on GitHub. This is not a complete stable release but only a pre-alpha release for curious developers. Vue.js 2.0 […]

Composer v1.0.0 Debuts With A Collector’s Edition Floppy Disk

Earlier this month Composer v1.0.0 was released for public download on GitHub. This update was pushed five years to the day that composer was first created(April 5th, 2011). The release was published by Jordi Boggiano, one of Composer’s […]

Pagekit CMS Pushes Their v1.0 Release Public

Open source PHP CMS engine Pagekit finally announced their public v1.0 release. The CMS recently underwent a major overhaul updating from the beta version last summer. Their 1.0 public release comes at a time of great support from […]

The ProBlogger Website Gets A Fresh New Look

Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger site just got a brand new redesign with updated typography, colors, and content structure. The previous design was established somewhere around 2012 and has remained steady up until this revamp in 2016. Darren’s success comes […]

HTML5.1 Expected For Release In September 2016

The W3C just announced updates leading to an HTML5.1 spec with a provisional public release in the next 6 months. Current developers sit on the Web Platform Working Group and have been hard at work on the next […]

‎Blue Bunny Ice Cream Redesigns Their Website And Brand Identity

Iowa-based ice cream shoppe Blue Bunny just redesigned their logo with a modern approach to identity design. This corporate revamp comes with an improved Blue Bunny website which is both fully responsive and much easier to navigate. According […]

TypeScript Redesigns Their Website

The JavaScript superset language TypeScript just released a new website design. The new layout is a lot cleaner and easier to use, and it feels much more inviting to new developers. TypeScript has gained popularity as a tool […]

New Webdesigner Depot Redesign Includes Custom Webapps

The renowned design blog Webdesigner Depot just got a complete facelift with a brand new layout, updated logo, and some fancy new in-browser applications. Article header images get much more recognition since the dimensions have been increase much […]