Pixel Art Styled Websites For Retro Layout Inspiration

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The field of pixel art was conceived from classic gaming which has grown into modern pixel art. While the demand for pixel art has decreased, there are still thousands of talented pixel artists around the world who keep the art form alive.

It’s surprising to see pixel art extend into web design. But when done well they seem like a match made in 1980’s heaven.

Although there aren’t many pixel-based websites around, I’ve collected a handful of the quirkiest examples for this post. If you’re interested to use pixel art for UI design work this gallery can offer some ideas on where to get started.


nitrome pixel art website
Source Nitrome

Earthbound Central

earthbound central website
Source Earthbound Central

Pixel Joint

pixel joint website
Source Pixel Joint


modpxl damien corrado website
Source Damien Corrado

Iso City

iso city isometric homepage
Source IsoCity


polpo net website
Source Polpo

The Sandbox

the sandbox website game
Source The Sandbox


iriescope pixel website
Source Iriescope


tamago pixel website
Source Tamago

Pixel Museum

pixel museum
Source Pixel Museum

Pyxel Edit

pyxel edit homepage software
Source Pyxel Edit

BlockHead Pix

blockhead pix website
Source BlockHead Pix


habbo pixel website
Source Habbo

Army of Trolls

army of trolls website
Source Army of Trolls

Piskel App

piskel app website
Source Piskel App


eboy pixel website
Source eBoy

Love Pixel

love pixel website
Source Lovepixel

Pixel Hugger

pixel hugger website
Source Pixel Hugger

City Creator

city creator website
Source City Creator

Diesel Sweeties

diesel sweeties website
Source Diesel Sweeties

PixelDam City

pixeldam city website layout
Source PixelDam City

Hayo van Reek

hayo van reek website
Source Hayo van Reek

Mr. Wong

mr wong website 2016
Source Mr. Wong


pixel freak website homepage
Source PixelFreak

Super Totto

super totto website design
Source Super Totto

Flip Flop Flyin’

flip flop flyin website homepage
Source Flip Flop Flyin’

Goon Tower

goon tower website
Source Goon Tower

Classic Gaming

gamespy classic gaming pixel website
Source Gamespy

Pixel Gala

pixel gala website
Source Pixel Gala

Pixelation Forums

pixelation forums design
Source Pixelation

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