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Best Books On Algorithms and Data Structures For Programmers

Algorithms can be a pain in the butt to learn on your own. The subject matter is huge and pretty deep too. Thankfully there are plenty of books written by programmers and professors that can help anyone learn. […]

Top 20 R Programming Books To Teach Yourself From Scratch

Statistical computing is a big area and it’s growing rapidly thanks to the big data movement. This leads to more jobs in languages like R, and open source project made for statisticians and data scientists. Learning R can […]

20 Best Scala Books To Go From Beginner To Expert

Scala is one of the most popular modern languages for programmers to pick up. It offers OOP and functional programming and has tons of free open source frameworks. But learning Scala from scratch can seem impossible without learning […]

Best Spring Framework Books For Java Programmers

Most Java developers know about the Spring framework. It’s a powerful framework in your arsenal of tools that’s well worth learning. However it can be difficult getting started with so many features and Java environments to work with. […]

Best F# Programming Books For Teaching Yourself From Scratch

The versatility of F# makes it a fantastic language for any purpose whether software development, hardware/tech drivers, or even web development compiling into JavaScript. But without prior experience it can be tough learning F# on your own. Thankfully […]

Best Dart Programming Books To Teach Yourself From Scratch

Whether you’re building for the web or mobile there’s a lot you can do with Dart. It’s a free open source programming language and it’s one of the more interesting OOP languages based on its syntax. Picking up […]

Best Books For Learning Akka From Scratch

Diving into any framework can be quite intimidating. Something like Akka requires not only knowledge of Java but also the actor model for concurrent application development. This isn’t something that everyone can learn from YouTube. Free tutorials are […]

Best Xamarin Books For Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has been radically altered through native development frameworks like Xamarin. This Microsoft-owned platform runs on C# and allows developers to create apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone using proprietary interface elements. Learning Xamarin takes […]

Best Clojure Programming Books For Beginners

The meteoric rise of Clojure seems strange without context. It’s one of the best functional programming languages you can learn and it was only released in 2007. For such a young language it has gained steam quickly. The […]

Top 10 Swift Books For Learning iOS Development

Apple’s move from Objective-C to Swift has been cheered for it’s simplicity and native runtime environment. Xcode makes it easy to build software with Swift for any Apple device. In this post I’d like to focus on Swift […]