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Best F# Programming Books For Teaching Yourself From Scratch

The versatility of F# makes it a fantastic language for any purpose whether software development, hardware/tech drivers, or even web development compiling into JavaScript. But without prior experience it can be tough learning F# on your own. Thankfully […]

Best Dart Programming Books To Teach Yourself From Scratch

Whether you’re building for the web or mobile there’s a lot you can do with Dart. It’s a free open source programming language and it’s one of the more interesting OOP languages based on its syntax. Picking up […]

Best Books For Learning Akka From Scratch

Diving into any framework can be quite intimidating. Something like Akka requires not only knowledge of Java but also the actor model for concurrent application development. This isn’t something that everyone can learn from YouTube. Free tutorials are […]

Top 10 Books For OpenVPN From Start To Finish

With the power of OpenSSL and a Linux distro you can get a lot from the OpenVPN client. But studying all the different configurations can take a lot of time and effort. That’s why learning resources like books […]

Best Nagios Books for IT and Network Administrators

Server monitoring is crucial to the success of any network. The open source route is typically popular and Nagios is one of the best free open source monitoring tools on the web. But learning to use this program […]

Top 10 ArcGIS Books For Beginners

Geolocation is now entry-level technology and I’ve grown fond of the recent advancements in geo apps. ArcGIS is a cloud-based platform for mapping content using a proprietary geographic information system(GIS). Learning ArcGIS can be quite a challenge since […]

Top 10 MariaDB Books For Developers

MariaDB is the open source equivalent to MySQL having been forked from that original codebase. It has grown rapidly in the past few years and tons of developers are flocking to this database engine as an alternative for […]

Best Salt and SaltStack Books

The Salt platform is an open source Python config management solution for automation and deployment. It’s a somewhat newer open source project comparable to Chef or Ansible. Salt and the SaltStack are easy to debug if you know […]

Best Elasticsearch Books From Beginner To Expert

Custom search features are the norm with a Lucene-powered Elasticsearch application. This is one of the most popular open source search tools but it’s also tricky to just pick up and learn. In this post I’ve curated the […]

Top 10 Best Redis Books

Many developers use Redis as a memory cache system for database queries. It allows devs to pull DB queries and store them in memory to cut down on future queries. It’s a powerful platform that can really improve […]