150+ Restaurant and Fine Dining Websites for Inspiration

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Restaurant websites span the gamut from breathtakingly beautiful to horrifically ‘90s. Most top-tier restaurants have great websites but this isn’t always the case.

More business owners now realize the power of an optimized website layout—especially for a physical location like a grill or sit-down eatery.

Whether you’re planning a website redesign or currently working on one, this gallery offers the largest collection of high-quality restaurant sites you’ll find anywhere on the web. Each example features real-world design trends that can be replicated to improve the web presence of any other restaurant around the world.

Which Which

which which sandwhich website
Source Which Which

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

carrabba italian grill website
Source Carrabba’s

Sticky Fingers Ribhouse

sticky fingers ribhouse
Source Sticky Fingers

Joe’s Crab Shack

joes crab shack website
Source Joe’s Crab Shack


arbor restaurant website
Source Arbor

5 Napkin Burger

5 napkin burger
Source 5 Napkin Burger

Highland Kitchen

highland kitchen website
Source Highland Kitchen

Marie Catrib’s

marie catribs restaurant
Source Marie Catrib’s

Little Rock Diner

little rock diner website
Source Little Rock Diner

Cracker Barrel

cracker barrel website
Source Cracker Barrel

Atlantic Fish Co.

atlantic fish co website
Source Atlantic Fish Co.

Jim ‘n Nick’s BBQ

jim nicks bbq
Source Jim ‘n Nick’s

Stiles Switch BBQ

stiles switch bbq website
Source Stiles Switch BBQ

Popeye’s Chicken

popeye chicken
Source Popeye’s

Smokey Bones

smokey bones bbq
Source Smokey Bones

Longhorn Steakhouse

steakhouse longhorn website
Source Longhorn Steakhouse


smashburger website
Source Smashburger


maggiano italy
Source Maggiano’s

Red Dessert Dive

red dessert dive homepage
Source Red Dessert Dive

Dilly Diner

dilly diner website
Source Dilly Diner

Spicy Pickle

spicy pickle website
Source Spicy Pickle


giulia restaurant
Source Giulia

The Monocle Cafe

monocle cafe
Source The Monocle Cafe

Pastini Pastaria

pastini pastaria website
Source Pastini

Einstein Bros. Bagels

einstein brothers website
Source Einstein Bros.


rosebud american kitchen
Source Rosebud

Panda Express

panda express website
Source Panda Express

The Eddy

eddy nyc restaurant
Source The Eddy


portillo website
Source Portillo’s

Chick’s Fry House

chick fry house website
Source Chick’s Fry House

Outback Steakhouse

outback steakhouse
Source Outback Steakhouse

Moody’s Delicatessen

moodys delicatessen website
Source Moody’s Delicatessen

Noodles & Company

noodles company
Source Noodles & Company

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

blue ribbon fried chicken
Source Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

River and Rail

river and rail website
Source River and Rail

Blue Duck Tavern

blue duck tavern website
Source Blue Duck Tavern

Hwy 55

hwy 55 burgers shakes
Source Source

Benjamin Steakhouse

benjamin steakhouse
Source Benjamin Steakhouse


benihana restaurant
Source Benihana

Risotteria Melotti

risotteria restaurant
Source Risotteria Melotti

Sweet Basil

sweet basil website
Source Sweet Basil

Rubio’s Coastal Grill

rubios coastal grill
Source Rubio’s Coastal Grill

Lamberts Austin

lamberts austin
Source Lamberts Austin

Swiss Chalet

swiss chalet website
Source Swiss Chalet

Pita Pit

pita pit usa
Source Pita Pit

East Side Mario’s

east side marios restaurant
Source East Side Mario’s

Logan’s Roadhouse

logan roadhouse website
Source Logan’s Roadhouse

Roy Rogers

roy rogers website
Source Roy Rogers

Pizza Ranch

pizza ranch homepage
Source Pizza Ranch

Jack In The Box

jack in the box
Source Jack In The Box

Blaze Pizza

blaze pizza
Source Blaze Pizza

Le Diplomate

le diplomate
Source Le Diplomate

Golden Chick

golden chick restaurant
Source Golden Chick


culver restaurant
Source Culver’s

Black Angus Steakhouse

black angus website
Source Black Angus Steakhouse

Romano’s Macaroni Grill

romano macaroni grill
Source Romano’s Macaroni Grill


blimpie website
Source Blimpie


whitmans nyc
Source Whitmans

RA Sushi

ra sushi website
Source RA Sushi

Brueggers Bagels

Source Brueggers Bagels

Olive Garden

olive garden website
Source Olive Garden

Marlow’s Tavern

marlows tavern website
Source Marlow’s Tavern

National Coney Island

national coney island
Source National Coney Island

Krispy Kreme

krispy kreme donuts
Source Krispy Kreme

East Of Chicago Pizza

east of chicago pizza
Source East Of Chicago Pizza


freebirds burgers
Source Freebirds

The Capital Grille

capital grille website
Source The Capital Grille

Lee Roy Selmon’s

lee roy selmons
Source Lee Roy Selmon’s

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken

lees famous chicken
Source Lee’s Chicken

Panera Bread

panera bread homepage
Source Panera Bread

Jacks Bar

jacks bar website
Source Jacks Bar


wired cafe
Source Wired

Sweet Cheeks

sweet cheeks website
Source Sweet Cheeks

Jersey Mike’s Subs

jersey mikes subs
Source Jersey Mike’s

The Plum Tomato

plum tomato pizza
Source The Plum Tomato

Houston Steakhouse

houston restaurant
Source Houston Steakhouse

Reef Bar

reef houston website
Source Reef Bar

Hungry Howie’s

hungry howies website
Source Hungry Howie’s

Uno’s Chicago Pizza

unos pizza website
Source Uno’s Pizza

Del Taco

del taco website
Source Del Taco

Firehouse Subs

firehouse subs website
Source Firehouse Subs

Bagger Dave’s

bagger daves website
Source Bagger Dave’s

Commander’s Palace

commanders palace
Source Commander’s Palace

Eat’n Park

eat n park website
Source Eat’n Park

Potbelly Sandwich

potbelly sandwich website
Source Potbelly Sandwich


lubys restaurant website
Source Luby’s


ocharley restaurant website
Source O’Charley’s

Taziki’s Cafe

tazikis cafe
Source Taziki’s

Native Foods Cafe

native foods cafe website
Source Native Foods Cafe

North Italia

north italia restaurant
Source North Italia

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

dinosaur bbq restaurant
Source Dinosaur BBQ

Island Creek Oyster Bar

island creek oysters website
Source Island Creek Oyster Bar

Village Inn

village inn website
Source Village Inn

Corner Bakery Cafe

corner bakery website
Source Corner Bakery Cafe


qdoba mexican website
Source Qdoba

Wing Stop

wing stop website
Source Wing Stop

Moe’s Southwest Grill

moes restaurant grill website
Source Moe’s Southwest Grill

Max & Erma’s

max and ermas website
Source Max & Erma’s


nandos food website
Source Nando’s

Famous Dave’s

famous daves restaurant
Source Famous Dave’s

Bonefish Grill

bonefish grill website
Source Bonefish Grill

Chester’s Chicken

chesters chicken
Source Chester’s

Brooklyn Water Bagels

brooklyn water bagels website
Source Brooklyn Water Bagels

Round Table Pizza

round table pizza
Source Round Table Pizza


burgerville website
Source Burgerville

Milo’s Hamburgers

milo hamburger website
Source Milo’s Hamburgers


charleys restaurant website
Source Charleys


zaxbys restaurant
Source Zaxby’s

Church’s Chicken

church chicken
Source Church’s Chicken

Benito’s Hat

benitos hat restaurant
Source Benito’s Hat

Nektar Juice Bar

nektar bar
Source Nektar Juice Bar

Tony Roma’s Steakhouse

tony romas steakhouse
Source Tony Roma’s Steakhouse

Stubb’s BBQ

stubbs bbq website
Source Stubb’s BBQ

Fearings Restaurant

fearings website
Source Fearings Restaurant

Wings Etc.

wings etc website
Source Wings Etc.


whataburger website
Source Whataburger

Shoeless Joe’s

shoeless joes website
Source Shoeless Joe’s

Chez Fonfon

chez fonfon website
Source Chez Fonfon

Painted Lady

painted lady restaurant
Source Painted Lady


salata restaurant
Source Salata


mateo bar tapas
Source Mateo

Kimball House

kimball house website
Source Kimball House

Hominy Grill

hominy grill website
Source Hominy Grill

Hale and Hearty Soups

hale hearty soups
Source Hale and Hearty Soups

Taco Cabana

taco cabana website
Source Taco Cabana

Two Boroughs Larder

two boroughs larder
Source Two Boroughs Larder


orfeo restaurant website
Source Orfeo

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

wolfgang steakhouse website
Source Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Brunswick & Hunt

brunswick and hunt website
Source Brunswick & Hunt


stanbury website
Source Stanbury

Strip House

strip house steakhouse
Source Strip House

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

lazy dog website
Source Lazy Dog

The Whig

the whig restaurant
Source The Whig

Old Ebbitt Grill

old ebbitt grill website
Source Old Ebbitt Grill


blackhouse website
Source Blackhouse

Chianina Steakhouse

Source Chianina

The Inn At Little Washington

inn at little washington
Source Inn at Little Washington


jaleo restaurant website
Source Jaleo

Toups’ Meatery

toups meatery website
Source Toups’ Meatery

The Space Needle

space needle restaurant website
Source Space Needle

Reluctant Panther

reluctant panther website
Source Reluctant Panther

The Claw Bar

claw bar restaurant website
Source The Claw Bar

St. Elmo Steakhouse

st elmos steakhouse website
Source St. Elmo’s

The Slanted Door

slanted door website
Source Slanted Door

Phillips Seafood

phillips seafood
Source Phillips Seafood

The Obstinate Daughter

obstinate daughter restaurant website
Source The Obstinate Daughter

Place Pigalle

place pigalle website
Source Place Pigalle

Joe’s Garage

joes garage website
Source Joe’s Garage

Brimmer & Heeltap

brimmer and heeltap website
Source Brimmer & Heeltap


wahlburgers website
Source Wahlburgers

Abe & Louie’s

abe and louie restaurant
Source Abe & Louie’s

Odd Duck

odd duck website
Source Odd Duck


lemonade website restaurant
Source Lemonade

Another Broken Egg

another broken egg restaurant cafe
Source Another Broken Egg

The Rail Trail

the rail trail website hudson ma
Source The Rail Trail

Rusty Bucket

rusty bucket restaurant website
Source Rusty Bucket

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