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Book Review: OpenStack in Action

The open source cloud management tool OpenStack is a fairly new technology. It wasn’t too long ago that cloud computing was still brand new, so it’s not crazy to assume that few people actually understand & utilize OpenStack. […]

Book Review: Reactive Web Applications by Manuel Bernhardt

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Reactive Web Applications because it’s a newer book on a very broad subject matter. This specific title is very comprehensive explaining the basics of architecting, designing, and scaling a reactive web […]

Book Review: Responsive Web Design by Example

Nobody should be designing modern websites without responsive design techniques. Responsivity has become a wildly popular idea for good reason: it supports all devices and screen sizes without the need for mobile-only layouts. Responsive Web Design by Example […]

Book Review: Lightweight Django by Julia Elman & Mark Lavin

Once you dive into Python it’s hard to get away. The language is lightweight, easy to use, and exceptionally powerful. The most popular Python framework in my mind is Django. It’s completely free, open source, and generally straightforward […]

Book Review of JavaScript: Novice to Ninja by Darren Jones

JavaScript is a tricky language that has proven immeasurably powerful over the past decade. This book published by SitePoint offers inexperienced developers a chance to truly understand how JavaScript works and what makes it tick. JavaScript: Novice to […]

Book Review: Building JavaScript Games for Phones, Tablets, and Desktop

Who doesn’t love the idea of creating their own video game? It’s a fun project that grants incredible freedom with loads of opportunity at every corner. Unfortunately the world of programming and game design is dense. This is […]

Book Review: Drupal for Designers by Dani Nordin

With Automattic’s WordPress dominating the CMS market it can be tough finding the courage to pick up Drupal. It is great and open source, but also tough for a beginner. But since Drupal for Designers is aimed at […]

Book Review: Flask Web Development: Developing Web Applications with Python

The open source Python framework Flask is a quiet yet popular choice in the dev community. It comes with all the standard features you’d expect in a framework; in fact it’s actually quite small, and many features are […]

Book Review: Docker in Action by Jeff Nickoloff

Very few web developers understand the power of Docker. It can be very complicated, but it performs a simple task. It creates a unique virtual container environment for any website, and this container can be moved across any […]

Book Review: Learning WordPress REST API

There’s been lots of hubbub surrounding the WordPress REST API which initially started as a separate plugin, but quickly grew to be part of the WordPress core. It’s not finalized yet but this merger with the core codebase […]