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12 Best MongoDB Books For Teaching Yourself

Databases have changed radically in the past few years with NoSQL becoming the norm. These DBs are non-relational which makes development trickier but also faster and easier to scale. MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL DBs […]

Best Windows Server 2016 Books

Microsoft updates their server OS every few years and this always comes with a bundle of new features. Their latest update WinServer 2016 comes alongside Win10 so it’s quite a different environment. Recently I covered the best books […]

Top 15 DevOps Books For Teaching Yourself

The world of DevOps is a mix between IT/sysadmin work along with software engineering. It encompasses both worlds and brings them together into one discipline. As you can imagine this is a huge topic with a lot to […]

15 Best MySQL Books For Developers & DBAs

The most popular relational database for the web is MySQL. It’s a free open source project that has been around for years so it’s definitely worth learning. But there’s also many levels of MySQL from basic web development […]

Top 15 Microsoft SQL Server Books

There are dozens of database engines out there and MS SQL Server is one of the better ones. It’s designed to run on Microsoft servers so it typically works well for .NET applications. But there are plenty of […]

20 Best SQL Books To Go From Beginner To Advanced

If you’re getting into PHP, WordPress, big data management or MySQL/MSSQL administration then you’ll need to understand SQL. But free tutorials don’t always offer the clearest path for a beginner. They also don’t delve into greater detail on […]

10 Best Windows Server 2012 Books

The latest version of Windows Server has already pushed beyond the 2012 R2 release. But that doesn’t mean 2012 has been fully retired; in fact many companies are just now moving from Winserver 2003 since it’s no longer […]

10 Best Splunk Books For Learning Big Data

Real-time data processing is the norm in our advancing tech world. Splunk is just one of many tools that can help developers and IT professionals maintain big data servers and structure that data accordingly. If you’re just getting […]

Best Apache Pig Books For Learning Pig From Scratch

Pig is a framework built on top of Hadoop and it abstracts development on MapReduce apps. This is a surprisingly versatile platform and it’s even used by Netflix in their development cycle. Learning Pig from scratch can be […]

Best Books For Learning Apache Hive with Hadoop

If you’ve ever worked with Hadoop then you know about the many related tools & platforms. Hive is one such tool that lets you to query and analyze data through Hadoop. It seems like a complicated program but […]