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Top 10 Books For Mastering NoSQL Databases

The majority of databases rely on relation structures but there are many powerful non-SQL database engines gaining traction. NoSQL is a catch-all term for modern non-relational database models. MongoDB and Cassandra are two great examples. But understanding NoSQL […]

Best Ansible Books For Beginners

Server admins and devops teams alike both have reason to pick up Ansible. This automation software can help you debug, deploy, and maintain huge networks with very simple toolkits. The biggest upside to Ansible is that it’s fairly […]

Best Books For Learning Docker From Scratch

Docker is a program that could be described in three words: deployment made easy. But it goes beyond simple project deployment to include data replication and even custom environments in a container. This technology can be complicated for […]

Best Books For Learning Apache Spark

In 2010 Apache open sourced a big data framework called Apache Spark. It’s one of their most popular frameworks to date and with the Apache community supporting its development I have a feeling it’ll be around for years […]

Best SQLite Books For Developers & Database Admins

Where do you start when studying a new database engine? There are so many choices, the most popular of which is MySQL but this isn’t always the best one to go with. I recently covered the top books […]

10 Best Windows PowerShell Books

Windows PowerShell is one of the most prominent CLI environments. This is perhaps the default CLI for anyone on Windows and even though Win10 allows Bash I still think PowerShell will hold its ground for many years to […]

Book Review: Chef Essentials by John Ewart

IT professionals know all about the rise of cloud computing. Automation is becoming the norm and computer infrastructure isn’t relegated to one physical server anymore. But with so many configuration management tools to choose from it can be […]

Best PostgreSQL Books For Teaching Yourself Database Management

PostgreSQL is a unique DB system with a big focus on scalable architecture. Many backend developers pick up MySQL as their first engine because it comes by default on most hosting providers. But PostgreSQL is a more versatile […]