Steam Website Layout & Gaming Client Redesigns

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The game distribution network Steam has become a saving grace for indie developers worldwide. It offers a way for small game studios to get their content published without relying on major publishers, and without the need for major capital investments.

Steam apps are incredibly common and like all software, some interfaces are better than others.

This gallery covers a handful of Steam client redesigns made to excite users and innovate on current ideas. These may never be implemented into real Steam apps but they do offer UI/UX designers some ideas for solving digital interface design problems.

Steam OSX Redesign

derek marler steam design
Designed by Derek Marler

Steam Store

mac steam store redesign
Designed by Jan Dvořák

Flat Redesign

kristoffer kvale redesign steam
Designed by Kristoffer Kvale

Website Redesign

aaron sananes design steam
Designed by Aaron Sananes

Sample Steam Page

Zach Robinson steam
Designed by Zach Robinson

Dark Steam Website

dark steam website layout
Designed by Oscar van der Vleuten

Dark Mac App

dark mac steam by drew rios
Designed by Drew Rios

PC Steam App

Steam PC App ui design
Designed by Egemen Kapusuz

Windows Steam Client

thin clean steam client ui
Designed by RenRan

Steam Friends UI

steam user friends ui
Designed by Rudy Rosciglione

OS X Steam Game Page

matt preston game store redesign
Designed by Matt Preston

Red Steam UI

tintin red steam ui redesign
Designed by Tintins

Author: Jaime Morrison

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