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Book Review: Ember.js Cookbook by Erik Hanchett

Once you get beyond the Ember learning curve you’ll be left with endless possibilities. I love the Ember library because it’s one of the few frontend frameworks that has a tight-knit and lovable community. Moving into real Ember […]

Book Review: Ember.js in Action by Joachim Haagen Skeie

For every web developer that falls in love with Ember there’s a struggling developer bashing their keyboard over Ember’s insane learning curve. And while it can be absurdly frustrating to get started with this open source framework, the […]

Learn Ember.js From Scratch: Tuts, Books, and Resources for Beginners

One of the hottest new libraries in frontend development is Ember.js. It’s a framework built to improve and expedite the development process of web applications. Many developers are latching to this project because of the great community and […]