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Pokémon Browser Game Demo With 2D Canvas & WebGL

I recently found very cool Pokémon MMO demo hosted for free on GitHub. This small demo runs best in Chrome but should function in all modern web browsers that support 2D canvas elements and the WebGL API. The […]

Composer v1.0.0 Debuts With A Collector’s Edition Floppy Disk

Earlier this month Composer v1.0.0 was released for public download on GitHub. This update was pushed five years to the day that composer was first created(April 5th, 2011). The release was published by Jordi Boggiano, one of Composer’s […]

Pagekit CMS Pushes Their v1.0 Release Public

Open source PHP CMS engine Pagekit finally announced their public v1.0 release. The CMS recently underwent a major overhaul updating from the beta version last summer. Their 1.0 public release comes at a time of great support from […]

Social News CMS Platform Pligg Is Done & Buried

The open source Digg clone Pligg has officially shut down. It was sold to a marketing agency on December 16th, 2015 for a price just north of $50,000. Pligg first launched in 2005 and has been running for […]

Takeoff: A Free Google Primer-Styled Landing Page Template

Hong Kong creative agency Brew recently published a free mobile app landing page named Takeoff. It’s based on the landing page for Google Primer which uses custom animations and fixed scrolling. The full download can be found on […]