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Fast Company’s Redesign Goes Modular With A Magazine-Style Layout

Fast Company has released a sitewide redesign for their main website and subsequent brands like Co.Design. This has been slowly rolling out for months and was just recently pushed live for all readers. The goal of this redesign […]

About.me Redesigns their Homepage with Snazzy New User Profiles

About.me has a beautiful new facelift that’s been rolling out over the past few months. The site was originally launched in 2009 as a personal website/portfolio service. It was meant to offer public profiles for anyone that wanted […]

Instacart Grocery Delivery Startup Updates their Logo

It seems 2016 is the year of new logos with startups rebranding left and right. The grocery delivery service Instacart just announced a new identity redesign after 3+ years online. Their press release showcases the new logo with […]

Visually Releases a New Logo for 2016

In an official blog post the Visually VP of Marketing Ural Cebeci confirmed that Visually has published a brand new logo for the company. Visually first launched back in 2011 with the branding “Visual.ly” as a community for […]

Bing’s newest logo redesign goes green

In 2009 Microsoft got into the realm of search with Bing. The incipient logo was somewhat cheesy but lovable. Then in 2013 MS published a drastic redesign changing the text style, adding a polygon shape and forcing a […]

A look into ArtStation’s subtle yet cozy redesign

The largest digital arts portfolio site just got a redesign that looks a whole lot smoother. UX-wise not a lot has changed. The navigation appears in the same location along with thumbnails and other page styles. But if […]