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10 Books To Learn WordPress Theming From Scratch

The basics of WordPress are easy enough to learn on your own. You can pick up any free tutorial or video guide and dig into the WordPress dashboard with ease. But theming is a much deeper subject. This […]

Book Review: Building E-Commerce Solutions with WooCommerce

WordPress has grown rapidly in the past decade with a dedicated community of contributors. I’ve always loved WordPress and I think the WooCommerce system is a powerful and secure way to run a WP-based web shop. This lead […]

Book Review: Learning WordPress REST API

There’s been lots of hubbub surrounding the WordPress REST API which initially started as a separate plugin, but quickly grew to be part of the WordPress core. It’s not finalized yet but this merger with the core codebase […]

BuddyPress 2.5 Supports Custom Emails With A New Email API

With the release of BuddyPress 2.5 beta comes a bunch of new features like emoji support and a brand new e-mail API. This news comes straight from the BuddyPress dev team’s support ticket which explains e-mails will be […]

The Genius of WordPress(And Why It’s Doomed)

Note: this post was originally published on Medium By any reasonable measure, WordPress is a phenomenon. Altogether WordPress-enabled sites power 25% of the Internet, and WordPress has a 59% market share of all Content Management Systems(CMS). WordPress has […]

Theme Market is giving ThemeForest a serious run for their money

To earn money in theme development you either need a huge client list or a marketplace. ThemeForest has dominated this sector for years, but that chapter might be coming to a close with the launch of Theme Market. […]