100+ Tailor & Seamstress Website Designs

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In this modern age everyone searches Google for local businesses and customer reviews. Tailoring is still big business and all the best tailors have their own website.

But it’s not just enough to have a website. It also needs to look awesome and function well.

This gallery is full of examples showcasing the best tailor websites from around the world. These designs offer plenty of inspiration for existing tailors redesigning their site or brand new tailors/seamstresses just getting into the business.

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Lansky Bros

lansky bros

Cliff Tailor

cliff tailor site

Tom James

tom james tailor

Tailor Corner

tailor corner

Kirpalani Tailors

kirpalani tailors



Henry Herbert

henry herbert

Munro Tailoring

munro tailoring


tai pan row

Leo Macenauer

leo macenauer tailor

Krista Gorrell

krista gorrell

Tailor Mates

tailor mates



Bruce Baird

bruce baird co

Tailor On The Road

tailor on the road

House Of Rome

house of rome bespoke



Milano Piacemolto

milano piacemolto

Mond of Copenhagen

mond copenhagen

Cad & The Dandy

cad and the dandy

Lisbon Court Tailoring

lisbon court tailoring

Alma’s Alterations


Tailor Made London

tailor made london


galard london

Orhan London Tailoring

orhan tailor

Gordon’s Launders

gordons launders

Kathryn Sargent

kathryn sargent

Fielding & Nicholson

fielding nicholson tailor



Andrei Tailors

andrei tailors

Ede & Ravenscroft

ede ravenscroft

Sartoria Rossi

sartoria rossi

Emanuel Berg

emanuel berg




huntsman tailor

Cistirna Odevu

polish tailor

Roma Tailors

roma tailors

Fix & Wear

fix n wear

W.W. Chan & Sons

wwchan and sons

Gaetano Aloisio

gaetano aloisio


nandwanis tailor

New & Lingwood

new lingwood

Design & Alter

alter design tailor

J.H. Cutler

jh cutler homepage

Norton & Townsend

norton townsend

Butch Tailors

butch tailors



Kent & Haste

kent and haste bespoke tailor

Oliver Wicks

oliver wicks

Alterations By Deb

alterations by deb


zenonni suits

Henry Poole

henry poole


lord uk tailor

Alterations Boutique

alterations bouqitue

Max Dietl

max dietl

Roma Tailoring

roma tailoring

Whitfield & Ward

whitfield ward homepage

The French Tailor

the french tailor

Stephen Williams

stephan williams bespoke

Christian Tailoring

christian tailoring

Drake Cleaners

drake cleaners

Myles Anthony

myles anthony tailor

Sicking Munich

sicking munich

Raj Mirpuri

raj mirpuri



James Palombo

james palombo

Tudor Tailor

tudor tailor


marsay tailor

Alterations & Custom Sewing

alterations custom sewing

King & Allen

king and allen



Richard James

richard james

The Dress Doctor

the dress doctor

Alexandru Ciucu

alexandru ciucu

Sum Tailor

sum tailor

Savile Row

savile row

Edward Sexton

edward sexton

Au Bauer

au bauer tailor

LS Men’s Clothing

ls mens

Alterations By Vesna

alterations by vesna

Raja Fashions

raja fashions

Stockholm DC

stockholm dc tailor

Gieves & Hawkes

gieves hawkes london

Philip L Lyons

philip l lyons


veronote tailor

Olga’s Tailor Shop

olgas tailor shop

Wayne Hobson’s

wayne hobsons

Norton & Sons

norton and sons

New Tailor

new tailor

Edmonton Tailors

edmonton tailor



Larry Fashion

stockholm tailor

Sartoria A. Caraceni

sartoria caraceni tailor

Leslie Powell

leslie powell tailor


fitz tailor

Apsley Tailors

apsley tailors

Dege & Skinner

dege and skinner

Tom Baker

tom baker london

Michelsberg Leeds

michelsberg tailor

Sunita Suits

sunita suits

Tailor Store

tailor store

Gian Decaro

gian decaro

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