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TV Channel Network Web Design Trends & Inspiration

Television was considered the killer of radio and is now a staple for home entertainment. Aside from streaming services like Netflix, most television shows air over a broadcast network. These TV networks are either free for all or […]

Law Firm Web Design: Tips, Best Practices And Inspiration For Legal Websites

Lawyers need functioning websites like every other client-based profession. But law firm & paralegal websites are held to different standards from their visitors. So what goes into a quality law firm website and how do you build one […]

Conference & Event Websites: Best Design Practices To Encourage Attendance

Meetups and professional conferences have grown into every possible industry around the world. The Internet makes it much easier for people to connect and attend these conferences. But without a quality website and a streamlined user experience, conferences […]

High School Website Design Ideas & Inspiration

It’s surprisingly difficult to find quality designs for public school websites. Students, parents, and faculty rely on a school’s website to find information about everything from after-school activities to upcoming events and yearly curriculum changes. I did find […]

Sidestep These Common Landing Page Design Traps

The more we learn about web design, the further we get away from the “brochure-ware” sites of the past. We now know a website can be a huge marketing tool for our clients’ businesses, and we’d be doing […]