DIY Infographics and Online Presentations with Visme

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Visme offers a fluid way to create visual presentations and digital mockups on-the-fly. This webapp offers a complete visual suite of tools to create dynamic presentations and infographics right from your web browser.

Digital designers will appreciate Visme’s ease of use and almost limitless functionality. You can sign up for a free account to test out Visme’s tools for digital presentations, infographic mockups, product demos, and similar visual design projects.

This is the best web-based PowerPoint replacement you could imagine—coupled with even more functionality.

visme web screenshot panel

You’ll find hundreds of custom infographic templates with extra content available like background assets and graphics such as icons and speech bubbles.

Visme can obviously help designers but it’s also great for non-technical people. Teachers and writers can make their own graphs, charts, and custom elements to help define their content. The same is true for small and large businesses with a need for presentation graphics.

Major companies have adopted Visme into their creative teams including big brands like Symantec and Microsoft.

Animation is also a major component of Visme for presentation elements. You can manipulate elements with the animation timeline while getting a live view of element placement on the page.

visme timeline panel screnshot

Visme’s default tools offer custom text, custom graphics, and the ability to upload resources to your own personal library. It’s clear that very few tools can offer as much creative output to non-technical designers.

There’s also a clear trend in support of Visme as it’s grown from a community of 700 to 300k users in just a couple years. The site’s founder Payman Taei published a reflective post talking about Visme’s proven growth from an oft-ridiculed idea.

Anyone can sign up for a free account which remains free for life. It limits downloads only to JPGs and offers a limit of 3 projects at one time. But the free account is a great way to try Visme and see if it could become a fundamental aspect of your workflow.

visme screenshot projects dashboard

You’ll find lots more information on the Visme website. The team also posts new updates on Facebook and on Twitter @VismeApp.

To see Visme in action check out their quick preview video on YouTube:

Author: Jaime Morrison

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