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Best Books For HTML5 Canvas Graphics & Browser Visuals

Among all the new HTML5 elements is something truly unique: the canvas element. This lets developers embed custom SVGs and even animate graphics in a web browser. You can do so much with the canvas element but it […]

Best CSS/JS Animation Books For Learning Motion on the Web

There’s no better time to jump into web animation than right now. Browser support is huge and modern libraries make it even easier to build custom animations from scratch. There are plenty of free tutorials online but very […]

100+ Museum & Art Gallery Websites For Design Inspiration

There’s nothing like visiting a beautiful art museum. The variety of art is both incredibly inspiring and highly educational for amateurs and professionals alike. But finding the right museum to suit your interests can be tough. Thankfully most […]

150+ Best Lifestyle Blogs For Creative Inspiration

After publishing my recent gallery of mommy blogs I wanted to offer something similar with authority lifestyle bloggers. These lifestyle blogs can include mommy blogs on parenting but also travel blogs, health blogs, marketing blogs, or any other […]

150+ Pizzeria & Pizza Parlor Websites For Design Inspiration

In a previous gallery I covered a bunch of restaurant websites for UI inspiration. This is nice but also vague considering all the different types of restaurants out there. Pizza parlors are one great example so I decided […]

100+ Veterinarian Website Designs For Inspiration

Animal doctors have a tough job just like our favorite human doctors. There are just as many specialties and there are many different types of animals with different internals and behaviors. Veterinarians are medical professionals and their websites […]

100+ Zoo Websites For Web Design Inspiration

The fun of visiting a zoo comes from the alluring exotic animals. From endangered species to primates and insects, there’s something for everyone at the nearby zoo. In a business like this it’s common to find really creative […]

100+ Dental Practice & Dentist Website Designs For Inspiration

When it comes to medical specialties dental professionals can often be left out. But their websites should be designed just as well as any other specialist in the medical field. I recently published a gallery of vet websites […]

100+ Plumbing Websites For Design Inspiration

Tradesmen perform vital skills but they often have the worst looking websites. Too many plumbers run websites that look like they’re straight out of 1999. Times have changed since then and while many trades businesses don’t have the […]

Book Review: Responsive Web Design by Example

Nobody should be designing modern websites without responsive design techniques. Responsivity has become a wildly popular idea for good reason: it supports all devices and screen sizes without the need for mobile-only layouts. Responsive Web Design by Example […]