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Top 10 TypeScript Books For Web Developers

In a recent article we covered the immense value of TypeScript in great detail. It’s one of the best web languages that’s not really a language. TypeScript is actually a superset of JavaScript. All TS code will compile […]

YouTube Channels For Free Web Dev Keynotes & Presentations

Dozens of sold-out development conferences run every year on frontend, backend, devops, and related topics. Most of these conferences feature days of speakers giving lectures, tutorials, and general advice on new technologies. But not everyone has time or […]

Best Free Vue.js Learning Resources

One of the newer and more popular open source frontend frameworks is Vue.js. It’s currently in v1.0 of development and growing quickly with community support. Vue is a way to handle frontend architecture between page views and data […]

Top 30 Subreddits For Web Developers

Thoughtful questions and snarky comments have never found a more beautiful home than Reddit. The site hosts thousands of different niche communities called subreddits that focus on individual topics like TV shows and programming languages(and much weirder stuff […]

Is TypeScript Worth Learning For Web Development?

TypeScript is defined as a superset of JavaScript, which means it behaves identical to JavaScript but with extra stuff added on. The language hasn’t been around too long but it’s already quite popular in the dev community. It […]

HTML5.1 Expected For Release In September 2016

The W3C just announced updates leading to an HTML5.1 spec with a provisional public release in the next 6 months. Current developers sit on the Web Platform Working Group and have been hard at work on the next […]

The Genius of WordPress(And Why It’s Doomed)

Note: this post was originally published on Medium By any reasonable measure, WordPress is a phenomenon. Altogether WordPress-enabled sites power 25% of the Internet, and WordPress has a 59% market share of all Content Management Systems(CMS). WordPress has […]

Web Developers Are Software Developers

Note: This article was originally published on Danelle Bailey’s design blog By leveraging data and using smart design thinking, those with foundational web understanding have more power at their fingertips than many realize. Back in 2011 I attended […]

Use the Semantic UI Framework for building natural website layouts

Frontend frameworks have become the staple for quick design projects. The big contenders like Bootstrap and Foundation get plenty of attention, but there are lots of great alternatives. Semantic UI is an open source alternative which offers beautiful […]