New Webdesigner Depot Redesign Includes Custom Webapps

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The renowned design blog Webdesigner Depot just got a complete facelift with a brand new layout, updated logo, and some fancy new in-browser applications.

Article header images get much more recognition since the dimensions have been increase much larger than before. Content is a lot easier to read with extra padding around paragraphs.

wdd webdesigner depot logo redesign

And although it’s a very slight change, the logo itself has been updated to a new font. It’s a little less flashy but still has the typical WDD vibe.

wdd logo redesign

I’m also a big fan of the new animation effects added to dropdown elements and hyperlinks.

However the largest change isn’t visual at all, but comes in the form of design apps built into the website.

The new webapps range from free photographs to popular Dribbble shots. You can browse through the apps directory and click through over 15 distinct apps relevant to designers.

It seems WDD is moving from a general web design blog into a collection of news, tools, and resources for the design industry.

Take a look at the following screenshots to see the new redesign compared to their previous layout.

New Redesign

webdesigner depot new redesign homepage

Old Design

wdd webdesigner depot homepage layout

To see it live visit WDD’s homepage and take a gander for yourself. It looks much larger and “more filled” out with a flexible responsive design.

If you want to share your thoughts or suggest new features you can send a message on Twitter @DesignerDepot.


Author: Jaime Morrison

Jaime is a jr. designer interested in mobile UI/UX research and frontend web development with JavaScript frameworks. He covers general news and useful resources in the web design space.