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If you have a background in web development, UI/UX design, programming, IT, DevOps, systems administration or anything similar, then we’d love to share your voice with our readers.

We are always open to ideas on collaboration from other writers, but we are very picky with the quality of content we publish.

In general we want original, in-depth, interesting/quirky, or just educational content related to anything design/UI/tech/coding. You could be an expert with 10+ years experience in systems administration, or you could be a young upstart frontend developer looking to build a name for yourself. Or anything inbetween.

Whatever the reason you want to share your content, we always love to help anyone in the tech space. But please keep in mind we have a zero tolerance policy for: spam, plagiarism, and re-publishing articles elsewhere.

Everything we publish on this site needs to be 100% unique to us and never show up elsewhere. If you’re up for this and want to learn more then you can email us for more details.