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15 Best Books To Learn Ruby on Rails From Scratch

RoR is one of the fastest and most reliable frameworks for backend web development. Ruby is also an incredibly powerful language so there’s a lot you can do with Ruby on Rails. But learning all the little intricacies […]

10 Best MEAN Stack Books For Beginners

MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js. These four technologies can work in tandem for a full JavaScript stack, the first of its kind in web development. Most developers know of the PHP and LAMP/WAMP stack. MEAN is gaining traction […]

15 Best Frontend Development Books To Go From Novice To Expert

There’s so much to learn about frontend development that it can seem endless. New tools and libraries come out frequently and it can be tough knowing where to start. In this post I’ll cover the 15 best frontend […]

10 Best Books For Learning Symfony & Modern PHP Workflows

Learning PHP is pretty simple once you understand basics like variables, functions, and loops. But PHP design patterns and frameworks like Symfony are much harder to learn because they’re not singular concepts. Fortunately there are tons of books […]

Best WebGL Books For Web Designers & Developers

The free WebGL library brings custom web graphics and animations to JavaScript. With WebGL’s API you can build anything from graphical animations to 2D/3D effects in any modern web browser. But this is also one of the most […]

Top 20 Magento Books For Ecommerce Development

The PHP-powered Magento platform is a well known open source ecommerce solution for the modern web. It’s also one of the most complex PHP CMS platforms to learn. In this post I’d like to share the top 20 […]

Best Django Books For Web Developers

Python’s open source framework Django is the most popular tool for backend developers. If you already know Python then Django can be easy to pick up, but it still helps to have resources by your side. In this […]

Top 10 MariaDB Books For Developers

MariaDB is the open source equivalent to MySQL having been forked from that original codebase. It has grown rapidly in the past few years and tons of developers are flocking to this database engine as an alternative for […]

10 Books To Learn WordPress Theming From Scratch

The basics of WordPress are easy enough to learn on your own. You can pick up any free tutorial or video guide and dig into the WordPress dashboard with ease. But theming is a much deeper subject. This […]

Best CakePHP Books To Learn & Master The Framework

The huge variety of PHP frameworks can be intimidating. I recently covered the best books for Laravel and in this post I’d like to share my favorite books for learning the CakePHP framework. This is a fairly older […]

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