100+ Best Makeup and Cosmetics Websites

With more indie fashionistas getting into the beauty market there’s room for many new cosmetics & makeup lines. Most of these product lines will need their own website to share info and sell to customers. This gallery is […]

100+ Barber Shop & Shave Parlor Web Designs

Male barber shops are like the antithesis to beauty salons. They both offer similar services with different environments. This is why barber shops & shave parlors have different styles in their websites. If you’re launching a new barber […]

100+ Best Wedding Photography Portfolio Websites

Setting up a portfolio site can feel like a hassle. But every photographer needs their own website for marketing and to acquire new clients. If you’re stuck on ideas you should browse through this gallery of 100+ photography […]

100+ Best Funeral Home Website Designs

Funeral parlors are in the business of consoling loss. This is hard to show in a website which is why funeral home sites often lean towards simplicity. In this gallery you’ll find over 100 funeral home websites that […]

20 Best JavaScript Books To Go From Beginner to Advanced

If you’re an aspiring web developer then you’ll need to learn JavaScript. It’s a staple for frontend work and it’s the fastest growing language powering dozens of free tools & libraries like Node.js. Before you can dive into […]

Best C# Books: Take Yourself From Beginner To Expert

Some of the coolest video games and programs run on a C# codebase. It’s a wildly popular language and it’s only getting more popular as the years pass. If you want to jump onto this bandwagon there’s never […]

Best Internet Of Things(IoT) Books

Every tech enthusiast has read about the Internet of Things and how it can revolutionize our homelife. Adding Internet connectivity to your refrigerator may seem weird now. But in a few decades this could be the norm. To […]

12 Best MongoDB Books For Teaching Yourself

Databases have changed radically in the past few years with NoSQL becoming the norm. These DBs are non-relational which makes development trickier but also faster and easier to scale. MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL DBs […]

20 Best Ruby Programming Books: From Novice To Professional

One of the best languages for modern programming is Ruby. It’s predominantly used on the web but also works for software development and smaller apps too. There’s so much to learn with this language and if you’re looking […]

13 Best Go Programming Books

The strange little gerbil of Go has become a beloved creature for many programmers. The Go language was first released in 2007 and it was fostered right at Google. It’s definitely one of the fastest-growing languages for web […]

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