Composer v1.0.0 Debuts With A Collector’s Edition Floppy Disk

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Earlier this month Composer v1.0.0 was released for public download on GitHub. This update was pushed five years to the day that composer was first created(April 5th, 2011).

The release was published by Jordi Boggiano, one of Composer’s maintainers on GitHub. The release notes mention a number of updates which finally bring Composer into its gold edition. In software terms this means the Composer Dependency Manager is considered fully stable and ready for public use on all projects.

composer dependency manager golden floppy disk collectors item
Composer v1.0.0 on a golden floppy, sold for $1462.00 USD

From Jordi’s blog post it sounds like many more updates are expected in the near future. A couple weeks after the v1.0.0 release there was already a v1.0.1 update committed to GitHub.

Going forward all new Composer installers will pull the latest stable version. This is also true for composer self-update which installs the most stable release by default. It’s a great time to be a PHP developer with Composer getting better and better each year.

But this announcement wasn’t just for a software update. Jordi also mentioned an eBay auction selling a novelty collector’s item: the Composer v1.0.0 program saved on a golden floppy disk drive.

This was a big release for Composer and the fact that it happened on the platform’s 5th anniversary seemed too good to be true. This novelty collector’s item is a fun celebration of Composer’s five year journey getting to where it is today.

The auction sold long ago with the winning bidder paying £1,020 GBP, which equates to $1,462 USD.

composer gold edition floppy disk front view
Composer v1.0.0 gold anniversary edition floppy disk frontal view

A very cool way to celebrate Composer’s move into public gold release and quite a novelty item for whoever was lucky enough to win.

There’s a lot of room for Composer to grow in the next five years and modern PHP developers are lucky to have such a reliable dependency manager at their fingertips.

To keep up with Composer’s newest releases just visit the GitHub release page for more details, and feel free to download a copy from Composer’s website if you wanna check it out.


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