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Top 20 Books For Mastering jQuery, jQuery UI & jQuery Mobile

Over the past ten years jQuery has radically changed the face of frontend development. And beyond the basic jQuery library we also have a UI library and a mobile webapp library, both powered by the jQuery core. How […]

Best D3.js Books For Teaching Yourself Data Visualization with JavaScript

Browser visualization is incredibly popular and libraries like D3.js are making the process super easy. But how do you get started with such a vast JavaScript library? In this post I’ll outline my favorite books that cover D3.js […]

Book Review: Switching to Angular 2 by Minko Gechev

I’ve been rather surprised at how well the dev community has adapted to Angular 2. It hasn’t been an easy transition but I think ultimately it’s for the better. The toughest part is adapting to the new ecosystem […]

Book Review: Ember.js Cookbook by Erik Hanchett

Once you get beyond the Ember learning curve you’ll be left with endless possibilities. I love the Ember library because it’s one of the few frontend frameworks that has a tight-knit and lovable community. Moving into real Ember […]

Best React.js Books For Teaching Yourself From Scratch

Facebook created one of the most beloved frontend frameworks on the web. It seems like everyone and their grandma is picking up React and cherishing every minute of it. There are dozens of tutorials online but many of […]

Book Review: jQuery UI in Action by TJ VanToll

Mastering jQuery is a lengthy task. But delving into the related jQuery libraries can be even more intimidating. I love jQuery UI because it makes dynamic features easy to implement and style without much excess code. I’m constantly […]

Book Review: Ember.js in Action by Joachim Haagen Skeie

For every web developer that falls in love with Ember there’s a struggling developer bashing their keyboard over Ember’s insane learning curve. And while it can be absurdly frustrating to get started with this open source framework, the […]

Book Review: Meteor in Action

The open source Meteor.js framework is one of the most popular choices for building single-page applications. But it comes with a steep learning curve that seems almost impossible to overcome by yourself. This is where Meteor in Action […]

Book Review: jQuery in Action 3rd Edition

I’ve been writing jQuery for years and I could never give it up. When I first learned jQuery it blew me away how much easier the syntax was compared to vanilla JavaScript. In today’s age of rapid web […]

Book Review: Functional Programming in JavaScript by Luis Atencio

Good programmers are in greater demand and there’s a need for people who know functional programming. This may be expected with established languages like Java or C++. But it’s only recently that JavaScript entered this field. Functional Programming […]