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Book Review of JavaScript: Novice to Ninja by Darren Jones

JavaScript is a tricky language that has proven immeasurably powerful over the past decade. This book published by SitePoint offers inexperienced developers a chance to truly understand how JavaScript works and what makes it tick. JavaScript: Novice to […]

Book Review: Building JavaScript Games for Phones, Tablets, and Desktop

Who doesn’t love the idea of creating their own video game? It’s a fun project that grants incredible freedom with loads of opportunity at every corner. Unfortunately the world of programming and game design is dense. This is […]

Learn Ember.js From Scratch: Tuts, Books, and Resources for Beginners

One of the hottest new libraries in frontend development is Ember.js. It’s a framework built to improve and expedite the development process of web applications. Many developers are latching to this project because of the great community and […]

Best Free Vue.js Learning Resources

One of the newer and more popular open source frontend frameworks is Vue.js. It’s currently in v1.0 of development and growing quickly with community support. Vue is a way to handle frontend architecture between page views and data […]

DuckDuckGo ES6 Cheatsheet Easter Egg

The most private search engine just got a little cooler with a built-in ECMAScript6 cheat sheet. When searching for the keywords “es6 cheatsheet” you’ll find the regular results with a link leading to a hidden cheatsheet page. Clicking […]

Vue.js 2.0 Public Preview Released

The Vue.js team just announced a public preview of Vue 2.0 which is now open & available for download on GitHub. This is not a complete stable release but only a pre-alpha release for curious developers. Vue.js 2.0 […]

Backbone.js For Beginners: Best Tutorials, Videos, And Learning Materials

Among the many MVC-style JS frameworks, Backbone is considered the original. It’s been around since 2010 with an active community and various large-scale webapps that still operate on Backbone to this day. Some devs differentiate Backbone as a […]

Is TypeScript Worth Learning For Web Development?

TypeScript is defined as a superset of JavaScript, which means it behaves identical to JavaScript but with extra stuff added on. The language hasn’t been around too long but it’s already quite popular in the dev community. It […]

TypeScript Redesigns Their Website

The JavaScript superset language TypeScript just released a new website design. The new layout is a lot cleaner and easier to use, and it feels much more inviting to new developers. TypeScript has gained popularity as a tool […]

Could Umbrella JS Become The New jQuery?

jQuery has slowly become the most trusted library for writing expeditious JavaScript. But could Umbrella JS become the newest JS resource for frontend developers? Created by developer Francisco Presencia, this open source library offers many of the same […]