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Trey Smith Talks Buildbox and The Future of Mobile Game Design Software

The mobile app software Buildbox allows designers to create their own games without writing a single line of code. It’s a major step forward in the world of app development and game mechanics. Although code does export into […]

DIY Infographics and Online Presentations with Visme

Visme offers a fluid way to create visual presentations and digital mockups on-the-fly. This webapp offers a complete visual suite of tools to create dynamic presentations and infographics right from your web browser. Digital designers will appreciate Visme’s […]

Appolo Builds Static Jekyll Portfolio Sites for App Developers

Coined as the “static app portfolio builder for Jekyll”, Appolo is a free open source library of plugins & themes for app developers. This library includes everything you need to craft static portfolio websites to showcase applications you’ve […]

Completely Free Material Design Logo Generator

In need of a quick logo & love material design? Then you’re gonna love this brand new material design logo generator created by MD for Bootstrap. They create some amazing tools and resources for designers working with the […]

Early access beta testing of Polymail App for Mac

E-mail for OS X has never looked so beautiful with Polymail. This is your modern e-mail client reimagined with e-mail tracking, read/send later, and incredible organizational tools. Polymail is currently in beta testing with invites available to those […]

Structor is a Visual IDE for building React web applications

Node.js apps are growing in popularity thanks to accessible tutorials and a helpful community. One preferred combination is a Node.js backend with a React.js frontend. React is a UI library made in JavaScript that can operate on the […]

Best Reverse Image Search Tools To Find Original Sources

When you find an image within Google or on a social networking website you may feel compelled to save a copy. There are so many websites and resources out there, it can take forever to locate the original […]

Top 6 Websites to Download Free PNG Render Graphics

Graphic designers will already know a lot about renders. Not 3D or C4D renders, but PNG graphics with the background removed. Many of these renders focus around a person either real(actors, musicians) or fake(anime, video games). These render […]