Early access beta testing of Polymail App for Mac

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E-mail for OS X has never looked so beautiful with Polymail. This is your modern e-mail client reimagined with e-mail tracking, read/send later, and incredible organizational tools.

Polymail is currently in beta testing with invites available to those who want to try it out. Signup is completely free and beta testers will be given a free copy of the program to submit their feedback straight to the developers.

So far Polymail has been built as an all-in-one production e-mail app. It can manage various inboxes and contact details shared between multiple accounts – all from one installation.

polymail app for os x

The current list of features is rather impressive both technically and aesthetically. Polymail users can expect to find:

  • Email tracking w/ read receipts
  • Unsend email
  • Send later scheduling
  • Snooze emails to reappear at a later date
  • One-click unsubscribe from anything
  • Plus many more unannounced features!

This private beta won’t last forever so if you’re interested check out Polymail’s website and request an invite today!

You can also stay on top of the latest product news on Facebook or by following their Twitter account @PolymailApp.

Author: Jaime Morrison

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