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Book Review: Bootstrap By Example by Silvio Moreto

After working through the lessons I can say that Bootstrap By Example does exactly as the name suggests. This is definitely a beginner’s book and it’s targeted towards developers who are willing to experiment with the Bootstrap library […]

Top 10 TypeScript Books For Web Developers

In a recent article we covered the immense value of TypeScript in great detail. It’s one of the best web languages that’s not really a language. TypeScript is actually a superset of JavaScript. All TS code will compile […]

Backbone.js For Beginners: Best Tutorials, Videos, And Learning Materials

Among the many MVC-style JS frameworks, Backbone is considered the original. It’s been around since 2010 with an active community and various large-scale webapps that still operate on Backbone to this day. Some devs differentiate Backbone as a […]

Pokémon Graphics Rendered in Pure HTML/CSS

The year was 1998 and a crazy new video game just hit American shelves. Pokémon was an instant success and to this day continues to drive a new generation of fans with their growing library of video games […]