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Pokémon Browser Game Demo With 2D Canvas & WebGL

I recently found very cool Pokémon MMO demo hosted for free on GitHub. This small demo runs best in Chrome but should function in all modern web browsers that support 2D canvas elements and the WebGL API. The […]

DuckDuckGo ES6 Cheatsheet Easter Egg

The most private search engine just got a little cooler with a built-in ECMAScript6 cheat sheet. When searching for the keywords “es6 cheatsheet” you’ll find the regular results with a link leading to a hidden cheatsheet page. Clicking […]

Infographic: Jobs Found In Early-Stage App Startups

Tech startups are more commonplace than ever before. Getting a new idea launched is no easy task – sometimes one person can handle the job, but eventually it requires a team of people in different specialties. Since the […]

This Instagram Account Posts Wireframes and UI Sketches That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

Instagram is quickly becoming the best place to find quality photos of… well, everything. The IG account @ux_ui_wireframes uploads beautiful sketches of wireframes, prototypes, and UX storyboards from designers around the world. Most are mirrored from other accounts […]