This Instagram Account Posts Wireframes and UI Sketches That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

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Instagram is quickly becoming the best place to find quality photos of… well, everything.

The IG account @ux_ui_wireframes uploads beautiful sketches of wireframes, prototypes, and UX storyboards from designers around the world. Most are mirrored from other accounts and curated as a resource for wireframe inspiration.

Recently I published a gallery of wireframe sketches and many were sourced from the @ux_ui_wireframes account. They’ve already published over 100 sketches with no signs of stopping!

Check out some examples from the account and follow @ux_ui_wireframes for more!

A photo posted by UX and UI (@ux_ui_wireframes) on

A photo posted by UX and UI (@ux_ui_wireframes) on

Author: Jaime Morrison

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